FAQs: Making your choice

I am a new student at LJMU, am I guaranteed accommodation?

LJMU guarantees a bedroom in high quality accommodation to all new students, regardless of what course they are doing or when they apply.  Most of the rooms feature private en-suite bathrooms, although flats with shared bathrooms can be a cheaper option.  We cannot guarantee a room in a specific location to every applicant as some locations will be full before the start of the academic year. Therefore if you have a preference it is important to submit your accommodation request as soon as possible.

Does LJMU offer any catered accommodation?

There is no catered accommodation at LJMU but all flats, including studios, have full kitchen facilities meaning you can be self-sufficient.  There are also plenty of food outlets, supermarkets and cafe/restaurants throughout the city centre, suiting every budget.

Where should I live?

For most students, the best option is to check out our search facility to find where is best for you. Some students have different requirements from ordinary undergraduate students – including different start and finish dates and different examination timetables.  Where possible the Accommodation Office groups such students together, unless they specifically request to live with students on different courses.  Most Nursing students choose to live in Marybone 3 because this location offers easy access to the Library and also offers flexibility over contract start and end dates.

If you would prefer to see a summary of all the accommodation on one page, please click here to read and/or download it.

Who will I live with?

If you request a bedroom via the Accommodation Office, you will only share your flat with other new LJMU students.  If you choose accommodation close to the building in which your course is taught then it is likely that you will be sharing with other students on similar courses.  If you know you definitely want to live in a certain type of flat, please indicate this when you submit your accommodation request and the Accommodation Office will do its best to meet your needs.

Can I live with my friend(s)?

Yes, if you wish to share your flat with a friend who will also be a new LJMU student, please indicate this when you complete the request form and make sure that your friend(s) do the same.  If possible you should complete the forms at the same time to ensure that your request is captured by the Accommodation Office.  However please note that you cannot share a flat with a student from another university or a with student who is already at LJMU.

Can I bring a pet?

Sorry, no animals are permitted on any accommodation site.  This includes goldfish!

Can I visit any of the accommodation sites before making my choice?

LJMU Open Days are a great way of viewing student accommodation, as well as all the other great things LJMU has to offer.  If you visit us during an Open Day, you will be able to visit a typical flat and study bedroom in as many of the accommodation sites as you wish.  Once you are offered a place at the University, you will be invited to an Applicant Day which offers a further opportunity to visit student accommodation - please note that a few courses do not hold Applicant Days.  Another way to visit accommodation at LJMU is as part of a Campus Tour.  Due to the large number of students who enter LJMU every year, we cannot arrange individual visits to view accommodation.  However if you have a particular reason for wanting to visit accommodation please contact the Accommodation Office.

I will be on holiday/travelling during the summer, how do I secure my accommodation?

You can submit you accommodation request from anywhere in the world but you can only secure your accommodation if someone is able to make the initial payment on your behalf and also explain the reasons why you are not able to sign the tenancy agreement.  You will need to sign your tenancy agreement as soon as possible after you return to your home.  If in doubt, please contact the LJMU Accommodation Office to discuss your circumstances.

Page last modified 23 May 2014.

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