FAQs: Requesting accommodation

How do I request accommodation?

Requesting student accommodation at LJMU is easy, simply use our online request form, which is available here.  All requests must be made using the request form on our website and unfortunately cannot be made by post or by telephone.

Does LJMU only reserve rooms for students with unconditional offers?

No, as long as you make LJMU your first choice university, the Accommodation Office will process your request for accommodation - regardless of whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer.

When I completed my UCAS application form I indicated that I planned to live at home but I have changed my mind – is this a problem?

No, LJMU disregards this piece of information on your UCAS application and accepts accommodation requests from all students who have made LJMU their first choice university.

When I applied for my student finance I stated that I would live at home but I have changed my mind – is that a problem?

No, the LJMU Accommodation Office is not informed of the details of your application for student funding so you can complete our online request form even if you have said you will be living at home.  However students who live at home are entitled to a smaller maintenance loan and if you wish to take advantage of the larger loan, you need to inform the Student Loan Company (SLC) of your change of circumstances as soon as possible.  It is important to note that when you apply for funding, you declare that you will inform the SLC of any change of circumstances. If you indicate to the SLC that you are going to live in accommodation but then decide to live at home instead, you must inform them immediately.

More information about student funding can be found on the GOV.UK website

Will I need a guarantor?  Who should that be?

In order to be eligible to pay rent in three equal instalments, UK students need to provide the details of someone who will act as their guarantor.  The guarantor is usually a parent or guardian but can be a sibling or a family friend as long as the person named is also resident in the UK and is prepared to accept the obligations of being a guarantor.  This means accepting that they are legally bound to pay any outstanding rent if you (the student) fail to do so for any reason.  The accommodation owner may need to verify the identity, residence status and income of the proposed guarantor and can refuse to accept any guarantor who does not meet their criteria.

Students from outside the UK do not need to provide the details of a guarantor because they are required to pay the full year's rent in advance of arrival.  This includes students living in the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.  If you are resident outside the UK but have someone in the UK who is prepared to act as your guarantor, it may be possible for you to pay in instalments.  Please contact the LJMU Accommodation Office for advice.

What will I need to do to secure my booking?

In order to secure your room, all students must sign and return the tenancy agreement sent by your allocated accommodation and also complete and return any addtional documentation such as the guarantor form. All students will also be asked to make an initial payment of a maximum of £250 at the same time as returning the documents.

It is important to note that if you have a conditional offer from LJMU but do not subsequently achieve the required examination results to study here, this initial payment will be refunded in full and the tenancy agreement will be cancelled.

I intend to make LJMU my insurance choice university, should I request accommodation?

No, we only process accommodation requests from students who have firmly accepted their offer from LJMU and made us their first choice university.  If you are holding an offer from us as insurance, you should not submit a request as this will not be processed and will not be held on file. If you accept an offer from LJMU as your firm choice and make a payment to secure a room, but subsequently decide to make us your insurance university, you may not be entitled to a refund of the deposit. If you initially take LJMU as your insurance university but we subsequently become your first choice, you must submit a request as soon as possible, even if you have completed one previously.

If LJMU is your Insurance choice university and your place here is confirmed when the exam results are released in August, you can contact us to request accommodation at that stage. Further details will be released when information about the Clearing period is published in the summer. In previous years, 95% of new students who took up a place at LJMU during the Clearing period were offered rooms in one of the Halls listed on our website.

I will be on holiday/travelling during the summer, how do I secure my accommodation?

To secure your accommodation, you or someone you trust can send in your accommodation request using the online form as normal.  Your chosen accommodation provider will contact you by Email to either send a tenancy agreement to print, sign and return - or to ask you to log onto their booking system. If you will not be able to follow these instructions at that stage, it is important that someone explains this and asks them to reserve a room for you.  They may require that someone pays the initial payment on your behalf or they may wait until you return home, depending on their policies and the likely time that you will be away.  Either way, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement as soon as possible when you return and make the payment if this has not been done.

Page last modified 23 May 2014.

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