FAQs: What to expect

Can friends visit and/or stay over?

The majority of accommodation will allow a friend to stay with you in your room for one or two nights.  You should check your tenancy agreement as this will outline the rules for your specific accommodation. Please remember that if your friend causes any damage or disruption while staying with you, then you may be held liable for it. It is also important to take account of the views of your flatmates when inviting friends to stay.

If I have a problem with my accommodation or flat mates, who can I contact?

You should always contact the on-site accommodation staff in the first instance as they are best placed to rectify any problems.  If they are unable to assist or you don't feel that they are taking the issue seriously then the next step is to contact Student Advice and Wellbeing, as outlined on this webpage: student advice and support.

Who do I talk to if I feel lonely or miss home? 

LJMU Residential Assistants are available to new students for help and advice with many of the problems that you may encounter.  In addition to this LJMU has a number of support services such as Counselling, who provide a confidential service if you need to talk to someone about any problems you have.  Liverpool Students' Union also provides a number of clubs and societies, which you can join to meet people with similar interests.

Do I have to move out over the Christmas or Easter holidays?

No - your room is yours from the first day of the tenancy until the last day and you do not have to move anything out of your room or your flat during that period.

Can I stay in LJMU student accommodation after my first year?

Yes - most of the accommodation offered to new students also has rooms for second and third year students and (subject to availability) you can stay for longer than one year if you wish.  However because LJMU requires a certain number of rooms to be reserved for each year's new intake, you may not be able to secure the same flat or bedroom in future years.  It is not usually possible to stay on at Apollo Court after your first year because this site is currently reserved for new students.

Page last modified 23 May 2014.

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