ICBT BSc Civil and Structural Engineering

BSc Civil and Structural Engineering

Course Overview

A BSc degree in Civil and Structural Engineering degree at LJMU has been designed specifically for students who already have an appropriate HND in Civil Engineering from ICBT college in Sri Lanka, or a similar approved HND from other colleges in Sri Lanka.   Civil and structural engineers design, plan and manage civil and environmental projects from concept to realisation, considering structural problems and aesthetics as well as the environmental and economic impacts. They need to be competent technically, practical in outlook and capable of giving professional advice on a variety of subjects ranging from design to construction and site management.   Civil and Structural Engineers create the structures that support life’s basic needs for water, flood control, hospitals, recreation and transport.  The degree has been specifically tailored to develop your skills from those gained in your HND to those needed at degree level.

Teaching on the course is via a combination of lectures, laboratory work, tutorials, workshops and practical sessions, combined with your own research using the library facilities of both ICBT and LJMU.

Structure of the Degree

Year 1 and Year 2 are covered by your HND

LJMU year modules:

  • Advanced Structural Design 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Professional Project
  • Construction Site Management
  • Advanced Civil Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Research Project


Assessment and feedback

We recognise that students perform differently depending on the type of assessment they are asked to do, and so a variety of assessment methods are used. These include exams (open and closed book), coursework (projects, technical reports, reviews, etc), and presentations (individual and group). Your tutors will give prompt and constructive feedback via Blackboard (our virtual learning environment). This will help you to identify your strengths as well as the areas where you may need to put in more work.

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