Customer Satisfaction in FM

Dr Matthew Tucker specialises in research aspects of customer service in facilities management (FM).  He recently undertook a study in the area of customer performance measurement in FM to enable an understanding of how the strategic use of customer performance measurement processes can enhance FM organisations existing processes, and subsequently contribute to innovating and improving their FM service provision.  The study developed a theoretical framework, a Customer Performance Measurement System (CPMS).  The CPMS consists of four stages, in which a mixed methods approach was used to effectively test and validate the framework.

CPMSSurveys are the most common method of measuring customer satisfaction in FM, however most surveys tend to be quantitative in nature and consequently miss out on important issues.  This research integrated quantitative and qualitative methods to capture customer satisfaction.  Generic industry benchmarks of customer satisfaction were established, identifying key relationships between how customers perceive key aspects of FM service provision. 

The development of the CPMS was implemented using an incremental process of capturing customer satisfaction through a quantitative measurement of internal customer benchmarks, which could be compared against the national benchmarks, and a qualitative assessment of existing performance measurement processes within a typical FM organisation. 

The CPMS proved to enhance the FM organisations’ existing performance measurement processes and contributed to attempting to strategically innovate and improve the organisations provision of FM services.  The study has produced several research publications, including:

Tucker, M. and Pitt, M. (2009) Customer Performance Measurement in Facilities Management: A Strategic Approach, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 56, No. 5, pp. 407-442, ISSN: 1741-0401

Tucker, M. and Pitt, M. (2009) National Standards of Customer Satisfaction in Facilities Management, Facilities, Vol. 27, Nos 13/14, pp. 497-514, ISSN: 0263-2772

Tucker, M. and Pitt, M. (2010) Improving service provision through better management and measurement of customer satisfaction in Facilities Management, Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 220-233, ISSN: 1463-001X

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