Defining FM in Malaysia

Nazali Mohd Noor recently undertook a research project in collaboration with the Construction Industrial Industry Board of Malaysia (CIDB) to understand the current position of FM in Malaysia.   Facilities Management (FM) can be summarised as creating an environment that is cohesive to carry out an organisation’s primary operations, taking an integrated view of the infrastructure services and use it to give customer satisfaction and value for money through support for an enhancement of the core business.

However, since FM has been identified as a multi-disciplinary area of development and opportunity, it has resisted a universal definition. Unlike in the UK where the FM market is well established, the Malaysian FM market is still in its infancy and its related duties are fragmented with limited knowledge on the subject. Several branches of the built environment dominants in Malaysia such as property management, building maintenance and assets management defined FM based on their own interpretation resulting FM becoming more ambiguous in the local context.

The research was conducted through five phase’s mixed-methods research design in collaboration with Construction Industrial Industry Board of Malaysia (CIDB). Through these alliances, relevant FM stakeholders are identified as the respondents to the research undertaken. The data provided by CIDB were quantitatively analysed and interpreted to represent current trends, understanding and FM practice in Malaysia.  The research provides a fresh input on the current position of FM in Malaysia to be commonly shared and emulated by the Malaysian FM stakeholders and the built environment community at large. Part of the results of the study was successfully presented in Malaysia and internationally at the following event:

Mohd Noor, N (2010) Potentials and challenges in the international Facility management – FM dilemma in South East Asia: Case Study – Malaysia, European Facilities Management Summit, organised by Marcusevans International , Cannes France

Mohd Noor, N (2010) Facilities Management – Clearing the Confusion, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Malaysia CPD Talk, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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