Collaborative Innovation in FM

Nazali Mohd Noor and Dr Matthew Tucker are currently working on a research project investigating international collaborative innovation in FM.  Collaborative innovation throughout the entire FM supply chain is a new concept in Malaysia. The relationship between the client organisation and FM service providers (and the suppliers) is mainly established on a transactional basis, with cost as the main criteria for selection. The application of relevant collaborative tools to assess the significance of FM providers and suppliers and placing them as either strategic partners, operational alliances or arms-length contractors are extremely rare. Collaborative FM

The current business sphere which involves highly competitive markets in addition to the call for better facilities and asset management practice in the country necessitates FM service providers to have a practical strategy towards its business objectives and routine operation. Alternative construction procurement routes such as public private partnership (PPP) and private finance initiatives (PFI) is becoming popular in Malaysia and is enhancing the role of FM throughout the entire assets life cycle.

This new procurement paradigm requires FM to be proactively envisioning a new way of delivering FM services. All employees and suppliers need to be widely educated on these strategies. For example, the application of supply chain management (SCM) through collaborative innovation throughout the entire supply chain is seen as a breakthrough in fostering win-win alliances between the demand and the supply of FM services. 

This research conceptualises several collaborative innovation frameworks such as the integrate to innovate (i2i) framework and the latest British Standards on Collaborative Business Relationships (BS 11000) through a six stage mixed-methods research design. The research aims to produce a collaborative innovation framework that suits the Malaysian FM context by adapting key processes and recommendations as highlighted in the BS 11000.


Page last modified 04 April 2011.

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