International real estate

Dr Raymond Abdulai is an expert in international real estate.  He is currently working on two projects. One of the projects is on the link between land registration and access to formal capital for investment on a comparative basis using England and Ghana as case studies. It is funded by LJMU via an Early Researchers Award Scheme. Albeit the project is still on-going, part of the output so far has been accepted for publication as chapter in a World Bank sponsored book to be published by Pretoria University Law Press - South Africa. The project has also resulted in one journal and two conference publications.

The other project is a book, which is looking at the reasons why registration of landed property rights cannot be the panacea to the problem of ownership insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa. The book has reached an advanced stage and it is to be published by Nova Science Publishers Inc of USA.

Page last modified 01 April 2011.

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