Liverpool Centre for Materials Technology, LCMT


 Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure
14th Annual International Conference 11-12 February, 2015
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The Liverpool Centre for Material Technology, LCMT, was established as a centre of excellence based within the School of the Built Environment at Liverpool John Moores University. LCMT provides a wide range of services with a special focus on research & development into heavy building materials. The center is committed to work for achieving a construction environment with zero Carbon footprints.  

Our area of expertise relates principally to heavy building materials used in the construction sector and in particular how these can be developed to provide sustainable solutions. These include: construction aggregates from both primary and secondary sources; unbound mixtures; bound mixtures i.e. asphalt and concrete; structural engineering design, analysis and optimization of steel, concrete, bridges and pavement engineering (roads, highways and airports. Our primary focus is towards innovation and an improved understanding of structural and materials technology enabling research to be implemented successfully by industry. 

LCMT is able to draw upon a considerable wealth of expertise both from the academic staff within LJMU and also from our industrial partners. 

LCMT can also provide a valuable advisory service in meeting EU directives and undertake technology transfer activities effectively through awareness seminars, conferences, industrial-training events, consultancy and short courses.

We develop, optimize, invent, and provide solutions.

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