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We provide I.T. Teaching and Learning support for Liverpool John Moores University staff and students in the Faculties of Technology & Environment and Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Technology and Environment comprises the Schools of  the Built Environment, Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering.

The Faculty of Science comprises the Schools of - Pharmacy and Biomoecular Sciences, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Sports Sciences and Astrophysics Research Institute.

The I.T. Help-Desk is located on the 3rd Floor of the James Parsons building.

These pages will introduce you to our I.T. services, facilities and resources, which include first-line teaching and learning computing hardware and software support, computer registration and user accounts, general software support and advice. In partnership with Student Advice and Wellbeing we also provide short study support courses for students to 'Improve your IT skills'

Location of I.T. teaching rooms

 Location Room  No: of Computers
 3rd floor, James Parsons building 318  40
 3rd floor, James Parsons building 319  44
 3rd floor, James Parsons building 320  36
 3rd floor, James Parsons building 321b  50
 1st floor Cherie Booth building 106  29
 1st floor Tom Reilly building *146a  30
 1st floor Tom Reilly building *146b  30

 3rd floor Flexible Learning Zone 

**324  4

*Rooms 146a and 146b may also be used as one large teaching room.
**Room 324 may be used as a lecture room for 40 students or a tutorial space for group work,

Help Desk Information Line: 0151 231 2386 or Email:

IT Help Desk Room 321A Byrom Street 3rd Floor

Page last modified 01 September 2014.

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