What is Health and Social Care Informatics

What is Health and Social Care Informatics

We are concerned with the effective deployment of IT systems in health and social care sectors. As well as medical informatics, CHaSCI is also focussed on developing applications for the allied health professions and social care sectors.  This work is guided by current and emerging policy developments (national IT programme) and its emphasis on the development of shared services such as e-booking, e-learning and e-mentoring. This presents LJMU with ample opportunity to lead developments in the North West of England in relation to new knowledge, skills and expertise in adaptation, application and, use of emerging technologies.  Such developments will improve service delivery, improve patient and service user outcomes, enhance quality of life, and support learning and teaching for health, social care and related professional practitioners.

Areas of development include multidisciplinary education, free standing ICT programmes, increased ICT input into both pre and post registration nurse education and midwifery training. E-learning to support distance education and, providing bespoke software i.e modelling prescribing behaviour, developing on-line assessment for social care settings. Assessment and impact of sports injury, public health information and guidance. Many of these areas have been well established within the university and have been bought together within CHaSCI to promote greater collaboration and raise capacity of the research available to address the increasing needs of the NHS sector for informatics support.

Why JMU/ What do we do?

Quite simply, there isn’t anywhere else doing this systematically. JMU has strengths in;

  • IT and IT deployment
  • Good links with the NHS (individuals)
  • Strong RAE results in Nursing and midwifery
  • demonstrable research strengths in the related areas that will make up Health and Social Care Informatics at JMU. For example, strong RAE results in Computing, subjects allied to Health and Engineering.

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