Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment Service

We provide detailed movement analysis of the human body. This involves a half day testing session which includes taking medical history, performing a physical examination of joints and muscles, videoing walking and/or running over a force/pressure platform built into the floor (Base Package). It may also include one of the following components: attaching reflective markers on joints and capturing movement by a computer using infrared cameras (Gait Package), measuring muscle actions with electromyography (EMG), measurement of energy consumption (COSMED), bone scan (DEXA), isokinetic strength assessment (Biodex).

Subsequent to data acquisition we analyse the results and produce a written report including multimedia illustrations. These reports contain specific information which can help to understand the nature of the injury, i.e uncovering the abnormal mechanisms which may be related to the patient’s particular problems. Not being placed in a medical environment we cannot provide a diagnosis of the condition and we cannot give medical advise either although we may be able to make certain helpful recommendations about what the patient may do by way of exercise and/or what other avenues might be to pursued.

For further details about the project and to discuss areas of application please contact Dr Gabor Barton or Prof. Lee

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