Movement Function

Movement Function Research Laboratory

This state-of-the-art laboratory has been established to assess movement function, dysfunction, and rehabilitation with a focus on movement re-training. The multidisciplinary team has an exceptional mix of expertise covering biomechanics, gait analysis, musculoskeletal injuries, and motor control.

The equipment includes a software driven moving platform together with a virtual reality video screen
(, and a complete clinical motion analysis system ( with video, force platforms, analogue inputs, and EMG. The unique combination of equipment allows a precise control and assessment of dynamic stability.

The envisaged target areas are orthopaedics (foot disorders, orthotics/prosthetics, physiotherapy), gait disorders (tripping/falling, development), neurological conditions (Parkinson’s disease, spasticity, stroke).

For further details about the project and to discuss areas of application please contact Dr Gabor Barton or Prof. Lee

Page last modified 18 July 2013.

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