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The research report “Towards Sustainable Credit Union Development” (1999) marked a watershed in the development of the credit union movement in Britain.  It revealed important findings about the context and situation of the British credit union movement and pointed the way to a new and more realistic, business and market oriented approach to the development of credit unions in the country.  Since its publication, Liverpool John Moores University has taken a lead in British credit union research.  This has contributed to the development of credit unions as quality financial institutions having the capacity to serve their members, including those in financially excluded and low income communities, more effectively.  

Academic papers, articles and book chapters (click on the pdf images to download papers)

1. Jones P.A.,(2000), Le développement des Credit Unions et des coopératives de crédit – Le passé est-il toujours présent ?  chapter in Mayo E and  Guene C. Eds. « Banques et Cohésion Sociale – Réponses à un Marché Globalisé »  Editions Charles Léopold Mayer, Paris

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7. Jones P.A., (2005), Philanthropy And Enterprise in the British Credit Union Movement  Journal of the Institute of Economic Affairs. Vol 25 No 2 June 2005   
Full Paper

8. Jones P.A., 2006) Giving credit where it’s due: Promoting financial inclusion through quality credit unions.  Local Economy, Volume 21, Number 1, Pages: 36 - 48 February 2006. Routledge
Full Paper

9. Jones P. A.,2008, From tackling poverty to achieving financial inclusion - the changing role of British credit unions in low income communities. Journal of Socio-Economics 37, 2141–2154
Full Paper

10. Jones P.A. and Decker O.S., 2008, Finance for all: British credit unions and the promotion of an inclusive society. Chapter in Bickle R., and Scott-Cato M.Eds., New Views of Society: Robert Owen for the 21st Century. Scottish Left Review Press. ISBN 0-9550362-4-0.

11. Jan Myers, Molly Scott-Cato et Paul A. Jones (2011). A la marge ou grand public : conséquences de la politique d’insertion financière sur le développement des coopératives d’épargne et de crédit au pays de Galles. Recma, Revue internationale de l'économie sociale. Numero de revue : 320. Année de publication : 2011.
Full Paper

Research Reports

1. Jones P.A., (1999),“Towards Sustainable Credit Union Development”, Report of a national research project undertaken by Liverpool JMU, the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd, the English Community Enterprise Partnership and the Co-operative Bank and supported by the Local Government Association and the Local Government Management Board.   ABCUL, March 1999   ISBN 0-9506281-6-6
Executive summary 

2. Harvey A , Jones P.A., Donovan M. and Bolan G.(1999), “Sustainable Credit Unions, Guidance Notes for Local Authorities”, Local Government Association,

3. Jones P.A.,(2001), From Small Acorns to Big Oaks – a study into the development of credit unions in rural England.The Countryside Agency and ABCUL  ISBN 0-9506281-7-4

4. Jones P.A.,(2003) Building sustainable communities – social housing and credit unions in the West Midlands  ABCUL West Midlands Publication. November.

5. Jones. P.A.,(2005), Creating wealth in the West Midland though sustainable credit unions. An Action Research Report. ABCUL February 2005
Executive Summary 

6. Jones P.A., (2005). Rural Credit Unions in the West Midlands.  The Countryside Agency/ ABCUL

7. Jones P.A. and Goggins N (2007), Credit Union and CDFI Training and Development Needs Analysis. A research report into the training and development needs of credit unions and community development finance institutions. Summary Version. DWP Newcastle

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12. Jones P.A. 2008. Linking credit unions and money advice. Learning lessons from the Blackfriars Advice Centre, Southwark Credit Union and Twinpier Debt Counselling Service Money Advice Project. Friends Provident Foundation and LJMU, Liverpool
Executive Summary

13. Jones P.A. 2008. The Credit Union Current Account. ABCUL and LJMU, Liverpool

14. Jones P.A. 2008. Borrowing your way out of debt. Northern Rock Foundation and LJMU, Liverpool

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16. Jones P.A. and Egan K., 2009. The strategic development of credit unions on Merseyside. A market research and feasibility study into new business opportunities and products for Merseyside based credit unions. ABCUL, The Riverside Group and LJMU.

17. Scott-Cato M, Bickle R., Bird A, Myers J and Jones P.A. 2009 Realising the Potential: a review of the credit union movement in Wales, Welsh Assembly Government.
Executive Summary

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20. Jones P.A. (2013) Strategies for Growth: A research study into the progress and development of credit unions in the North East of England and Cumbria. Northern Rock Foundation / LJMU

21. Jones P.A. (2013) Towards Financial Inclusion. The expansion of credit union financial services for low-income households in Northern Ireland. Housing Rights/LJMU

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