Research Unit for Financial Inclusion

Next financial inclusion CPD course January 2014 in Manchester

New Community Finance for London research report launched - see RUFI news page

The Research Unit for Financial Inclusion (RUFI) undertakes academic, action and evaluative research in a wide range of areas related to poverty, financial exclusion and the development of financial services for lower income households.

Financial exclusion continues to damage the lives of millions of people in low income communities throughout Britain. Without access to appropriate banking services, affordable credit, accessible savings products, money advice or insurance, they are faced with making financial decisions that often result in greater financial hardship and overindebtedness. 

Through research, RUFI aims to generate knowledge and understanding that will assist Government, policy makers, financial providers, communities and agencies to tackle poverty and promote financial inclusion more effectively. 

RUFI has a particular commitment to credit unions and other third sector financial institutions. The Unit has developed a particular expertise in credit union research activities aimed at strengthening credit union capacity and effectiveness within low income communities. 

RUFI research publications, summaries and extracts are available for download on this site.

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