Current Research Project

Current Research Members (Docoral and Postdoctoral)

Khalifa Abujaafar, "Quantitative Human Reliability Assessment in Marine Engineering Operations" (Supervisors: Yang, Bonsall, Wang)
Maurice Asuguo, "Maintenance studies of marine machineries" (Supervisor: Riahi)
Ben Matellini, "A fire and rescue management system" (Supervisors: Wang, Wall, Jenkinson)
S. T. (Steven) Chen, Risk-based accident investigation" (Supervisors: Wall, Brooks, Davies)
Eche Chukwuka (Supervisors: Wang, Yang, Metcalfe)
Andy Cunningham, "Use of simulation techniques in marine applications" (Supervisors: Wang, Allanson, Wall)
Dago Gohomence, "A decision making system for port selection" (Supervisors: Yang, Bonsall, Wang)
Thadeus Nwaoha, "Risk assessment using GM theory" (Supervisors: Yang, Wang, Bonsall)
Muhammet Serhat Ozturk, "The Impact of Port Privatisation on Stakeholders within the Port’s Industry" (Supervisors: Bonsall, Yang, Saeed)
Kumar Subramariam, "Modelling human error in ship operations" (Supervisors: Yang, Bonsall, Wang)
Sayed Miri Lavasani, "Offshore pipeline risk assessment" (Supervisors: Wang, Finlay, Yang)
Eugene Pam, "Risk assessment of ballast water treatment" (Supervisors: Wall, Wang)
Sascha Pristrim. "Maritime security and piracy studies" (Supervisors: Wang, Yang, Bonsall)
Ramin Riahi, "Security modelling of container supply chains" (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall, Jenkinson)
Roisin Smyth, "Training appraisal of industrial risk assessment courses" (Supervisors: Wall, Wang, Barnes)
Lubna Tag el-Sheikh, "Transport system studies" (Supervisors: Roberts, Bonsall, Wall)
Ahmed Waddah, "Research on bench marking in Egypt’s transportation and logistics industry" (Supervisors: Ren, Wang, Roberts)
Noorul (Fitri) Abdul Rahman, "Financial Impact of Slow Steaming on the Container Shipping Sector",  (Wang, Yang, Bonsall) 
Daniel MaNamara, "Monte Carlo simulation in maritime applications", (Cunningham, Wang, Allanson)
Kambiz Mokhtari, "Risk management on maritime industries and logistics infrastructure", (Supervisors: Ren, Roberts, Wang)



Past Research Members


(2009) Dr. Hristos Karahalios, "Appraisal of maritime regulations" (Supervisors: Wang, Williams, Yang).
(2009) Dr. John Andrew Lee, "Technical Management of VLCC Hull Structures Based on Safety Case Principles" (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall, Jenkinson, Yang).
(2009) Dr. Bryan Jones, "Maintenance modelling of manufacturing systems" (Supervisors: Wang, Jenkinson)
(2008) Dr. D. Godaliyadde, Risk assessment and its application to Ship Hull Vibrations" (Supervisors: Wang, Phylip-Jones, Batako).
(2008) Dr. I. El-Nakib, "Establishing an efficient logistics system for developing Egyptian exports to the African countries" (Supervisors: Roberts, Porter, Colquhoun).
(2007) Dr. Zaili Yang, "Risk assessment and decision making of container supply chains" (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall).
(2007) Dr. Shuen-Tai (Jerry) Ung, “The development of safety and security assessment techniques and their application to port operations” (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall, Williams).
(2007) Dr. M. Kiani Moghadam, “The impact of automation on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the quayside and container yard cranes and the selection decision for the yard operating systems”, (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall, Wall).
(2007) Dr. Abbas Harati Mokhtari, “Impact of New Technologies on Safety of Marine Navigation”, funded by the Iranian Government" (Supervisors: Wall, Wang, Brooks).
(2007) Dr. E. Maistralis, “Formal safety assessment of marine applications (Supervisors: Wang, Bonsall)
(2006) Dr. A. G. (Will), “Integrating risk-based assessment modelling of safety-critical marine and offshore applications” Eleye-Datubo (Supervisors: Wang, Wall, Saajedi).
(2006) Dr. S. W. Kim, “Formal fire safety assessment of ships” (Supervisors: Wang, Wall).
(2006) Dr. P. Hughes, “The tide tables” (Supervisors: Wall, Woodworth).
(2004) Dr. Lois, "Cruising shipping studies" (Supervisors: Wang, Wall).
(2001) Dr. A. Pillay, "Formal ship safety assessment of fishing vessels" (Supervisors: Wang, Wall).
(2001) Dr. S. Bonsall, "Efficiency of container terminals" (Supervisors: Wall et al).
(2000) Dr. H. S. Sii, "Formal marine and offshore safety assessment" (Supervisors: Ruxton, Wang).
(2000) Dr. M-B. Moreton, "Human factors on the ships bridge"(Supervisors: Wall, Brooks, Smeaton).
(1998) Dr. S. M. Tucker, "Rule based decision support for marine, collision avoidance in an integrated bridge environment" (Supervisors: Smeaton, et al).
(1997) Dr. A. S. A. Kader, "Cost modelling for inland waterway transport systems" (Supervisors: Smeaton, et al).
(1996) Dr. A. J. Alrdidge, "The development of an intelligent electronic chart as a decision support system for marine pilots" (Supervisors: Smeaton, et al)


(2004-2007) Dr J. Ren, "Risk-based offshore operations" (PI and CoIs: Wang, Jenkinson)
(2006-2007) Dr Z. Yang, "Advanced risk assessment tools" (PI and CoIs: Wang, Bonsall)
(2005-2006) Dr S. W. Kim, "Ship fire risk assessment" (PI and CoIs: Wang,)
(2005-2006) Dr. A. G. (Will) Eleye-Datubo, "Maritime risk assessment" (PI and CoIs: Wang)
(2000-2004) Dr. H. S. Sii, "Use of approximate reasoning in offshore design" (PI and CoIs: Wang, Ruxton)
(1998-2000) Dr. M. An, "A risk-based offshore design system" (PI and CoIs: Wang, Ruxton)


(Interntional visiting scholars)

(2008), M. Celik from Tech. Univ of Istabul, "Risk-based decision making" (Hosting academis: Wang, Yang, Bonsall)
(2005-2006), Prof. X. Xie from Dalian Maritime Univ, "Decision making under uncertainties" (Hosting academis: Wang, Bonsall)
(2003-2004), Prof. M. Huang, "Formal safety assessment of in-landing shipping" (Hosting academis: Wang, Bonsall)
(2003), Prof. Q. Fang from Shanghai Maritime Univ, "FSA and its application to simulation based training" (Hosting academis: Wang, Wall, Bonsall)
(1999-2000), Y. Liu from Dalian Navy College, "Human error stuy in navigation" (Hosting academis: Wall, Wang)


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