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Feb 2015

Supporting Science and Engineering Innovation - Read more

Human-altered ecosystems - Read more

The football performance environment: player perceptions - Read more

European Grant to help our understanding of how galaxies form - Read more

LJMU scores highly with national netball team - Read more

January 2015

Reconstructing Ice Age environments- Read more

ARI creates simulation of the Universe with realistic galaxies - Read more

How drone research is driving global technology - Read more

New hope for Borneo’s orang-utans: conservation research - Read more

New light on the evolution of human speech - Read more

Ecology of fossil dogs revealed - Read more

Strategies for survival - Read more

December 2014

Poster presentations at the American Association of Physical Anthropology - Read more

PhD partnership brings professional support to LJMU Rugby - Read more

LJMU academic receives ICRAR Senior Women in Astronomy Fellowship - Read more

Gouldian finches show us the effects of social conformity - Read more

Royal Society Partnership Grant inspires young sports scientists - Read more

Galactic Cannibalism - late lunch for hungry black hole? - Read more

REF 2014: World-leading research reaches new heights at LJMU - Read more

Shedding new light on social bonding - Read more

Professor Serge Wich featured in the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Shared Planet’ in an episode entitled ‘Orangutans and Drones’ - Click here to listen

Dr Jennifer Sneddon spoke at the Royal Society of Medicine on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at their Water, Hydration and Health forum on the topic ‘Comparative Physiology; What can we learn from Animals’? - Read more

BAHID 2014 Poster Success! - Read more

Health interventions in the natural environment - Read more

Outstanding graduates celebrate success - Read more

Alder Hey and LJMU demonstrate research to patients - Read more

November 2014

Science Placement and Employability Group Newsletter - Issue 6 - Read more (PDF)

Psychology in Application 2 - Placement and Volunteering Fair - Read more

STFC Award for LJMU astronomers - Read more

Andrew Miller MP delivers inaugural Women in STEM lecture - Read more

Survival strategies of the Ice Age - Read more

Recent publications by Dr Chris Hunt, Reader in Geography - Read more

Visit to South Africa by Dr Chris Hunt - Read more

Society for General Microbiology (SGM) Undergraduate Prize - Read more

Psychology and Business Schools give students the employment edge Read more

Vikings appoint LJMU PhD student as nutritionist Read more

Making healthy ageing a medical reality Read more

The football performance environment: Nigel Adkins, Reading FC Read more

The ground-breaking dietary intervention for the racing community Read more

October 2014

Wild cattle and dung fungi Read more

Dr Patrick Byrne, NSP, awarded a NERC Urgency grant Read more

Dr Jennifer McLaughlin, Psychology, has been interviewed for a piece in the Guardian on coercive control within relationships. Read more

LJMU Astronomers discover a hole in the local universe Read more

In memoriam: Graham McLean Read more

Forthcoming ARI member receives Royal Society Fellowship Read more

Ice hockey players undergo state-of-the-art screening at LJMU Read more

September 2014

In memoriam: Rebecca O’Brien Read more

Technology Strategy Board Grant for NSP Read more

SPRAT - exciting new instrument arrives on Liverpool Telescope Read more

Winning poster prize at Natural History Museum Read more

ARI renews its MOU with astronomers in Thailand Read more

Forensic geneticist's research: Naming Jack the Ripper Read more

Defra minister visits the Meres and Mosses Nature Improvement Area Read more

August 2014

LJMU working to improve the future of captive primates - Read more

NSP students learn how to excavate in a Middle Palaeolithic cave - Read more

Research Council confirms future Liverpool Telescope funding - Read more

Research finds unknown jets from stars and new planetary nebulae - Read more

July 2014

Researchers from NSP are conducting fieldwork in Kenya this summer - Read more

Natural Sciences and Psychology students celebrate - Read more

Quaternary Science Reviews pas tribute to LJMU Professor - Read more

LJMU at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games - Read more

Coring at Knowsley Safari Park - Read more

Carla Burrell invited to present at the Leeds International Medieval Congress - Read more

Chemistry for All launch for local schools - Read more

Medals for Excellence to celebrate in the Graduation Ceremony - Read more

University Companion Award: Eric McEvoy - Read more

Hunger for vegetable oil means trouble for Africa’s great apes - Read more

2014 Graduation Ceremonies get underway - Read more

Teaching and Learning Excellence Award Winners (Category 3: Programme/Support Team Awards) - Read more

LJMU Astronomers discover a hole in the local universe - Read more

NSP lecturers bring science to life for local primary school children - Read more [PDF]

Sports science travel north and south with public engagement - Read more

Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Stephen Fairclough - Read more

June 2014

Lost collection of human fossils found - Read more

NSP: New Student Intern - Read more

Deep Sea Expedition - Read more

British Organic Geochemcial Society Meeting - Read more

Universities Week: Sports Science at the Natural History Museum - Read more

First hand experience for Forensic students in Bucharest - Read more

LJMU research in X-Ray imaging contributes to prestigious award - Read more

LJMU Astronomers discover a hole in the local universe - Read more

Conservation chair at University of Amsterdam for LJMU Professor - Read more

First migration of farmers revealed by ancient human DNA - Read more

Research into the genomics of Canary Island Lizards - Read more

Dockwatch - Read more

Research suggests spiders can provide bee-safe pesticides - Read more

NSP Lecturers awarded funding from the Wellcome Trust’s Biomedical Vacation Scholarships programme - Read more

Billy the Banded Mongoose Tours Uganda - Read more

Natural Sciences and Psychology staff nominated for Amazing Teacher Awards - Read more

Success at the annual Glaxo Smith Kline Science Symposium 28 May 2014 - Read more

Howler monkeys take LJMU researcher to Brazil - Read more

Winners announced for LiverpoolSU Teaching Awards- Read more

Research on how touch can trigger our emotions - Read more
National Geographic summary

Students make up international team on grave exhumation - Read more

Exclusive Royal Society of Chemistry outreach project - Read more

LJMU supports the International Festival for Business 2014 - Read more

Opportunity to contribute to scientific research - Read more

May 2014

Learning entirely via Facebook? - Read more

Students make up international team on grave exhumation - Read more

Bursts of light in space challenge theories - Read more

LJMU researcher elected to Council of Royal Astronomical Society - Read more

The Blot Strikes Again at the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry - Read more

Universities Week at the Natural History Museum - Read more

Research visit to Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics - Read more

The effects of music on the cardiovascular system - Read more

April 2014

Mixed Martial Arts Research - Read more

Celebrating excellence in football research - Read more

Virtual rehabilitation is more than just a game - Read more

The Faculty of Science Brokerage Group News Letter - Issue 4 Read more (opens PDF)

PBS News Letter - Click here to view PDF

New Research Explains Decline of Giant Animals in Basin of Mexico - Read more

LJMU astronomers challenge cosmological model - Read more

Kevin Keegan brings SOKKA to LJMU - Read more

March 2014

Employer event puts forensics jobs under the microscope - Read more

BBC Sport Relief gets Face to Face with Sports Science - Read more

Recent research by Dave Wilkinson (NSP) and colleagues at three other Universities on the evolution of microbial decay has been featured in an article on Science Magazines web site - Read more (opens new window)

Premier football professional visits Sport and Exercise Sciences - Read more

World’s first lung biosimulator for inhaled drug testing - Read more

Personal Development and Welfare coach bowls students over - Read more

February 2014

Prof. Serge Wich showcases the use of unmanned aerial vehicles - Read more

Role models and mentors for women in HE - Read more

Pre-Registration Pharmacy Event a huge success - Read more

Dr Francis McGlone - Sense of Touch – BBC4, 9pm, 18th February - Read more

Natural Sciences and Psychology win funding for an exiting Defra research project with far reaching impact opportunities - Read more

Undergraduate participants needed for research into media-multitasking and study processes - Read more

January 2014

Mindfulness expertise featured in New York Times International - Read more

Sports Science commendation from STEMNET - Read more

The stomach for elite rugby - Read more

Designing the right medicine for children - Read more

Pilot whales have 'mummy's boys' too! - Read more

And the Sir Patrick Moore medal goes to .... - Read more

Astronomers discover a black hole using LT observations - Read more

LT's GAIA tracking featured on the BBC's Northwest Tonight news show - Read more

The Faculty of Science Brokerage Group News Letter - Issue 2 Read more (opens PDF)

December 2013

Business performance benefits from academic input - Read more

Sports scientists in Royal Institution video - Read more

Cosmic traffic jam probed by giant robot- Read more

National policy needed to get kids more active say academics - Read more

Vincent Pericard speaks to students about mental health and sport - Read more

150th Anniversary of UK-Japan Academic Interaction - Read more

November 2013

First Hit Phenomenon - Read more

Explosive cosmic monster captured by Liverpool Telescope - Read more

Liverpool Telescope goes comet chasing with Sky at Night - Read more

Prize highlights alternatives to animal testing for toxicology - Read more

How to win an Olympic Gold - Read more

Ricardo researches enriched old stars - Read more

Guides turn detective for CSI day - Read more

LJMU launch biggest Strength and Conditioning Internship - Read more

Pharmaceutical employer event review - Read more

ARI marks its move to Liverpool Science Park - Read more

October 2013

Turbo Boost for RISES - Read more

Sharing ideas at the forefront of physics research - Read more

LJMU drug research features on Radio 4 - Read more

School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences October News Letter - Read more (opens PDF)

Important step forward in supernova research - Read more

Physical activity - if it's so easy why aren't we doing it? - Read more

September 2013

The science behind sporting success - Read more

A meeting of minds as new centre launched - Read more

NSP grant success: captive primate welfare research - Read more

NSP scientists may have found remains of ‘earliest northerner’ - Read more

Girls Go Gold with Olympic athletes and LJMU - Read more

LJMU's Nicole Short competes in World Games in Columbia - Read more

August 2013

Liverpool Telescope spectra confirm the nature of the naked-eye brightness Nova Delphini 2013 - Read more (This link will open in a new window)

New data helps astronomers explore the hidden Milky Way - Read more

BBC expert role for Gamma Ray Burst Professor - Read more

July 2013

Outstanding graduates celebrate success in the sunshine - Read more

More success stories from LJMU Graduation Ceremonies - Read more

High praise for Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Read more

Forensic Students benefit from Bucharest experience - Read more

Dockwatch on the BBC - Read more

Sports Psychology student shines at British Championships - Read more

Spaceport & LJMU bring unique telescope exhibition to Merseyside - Read more

LJMU scientist goes on a deep sea expedition - Read more

Assessing endurance athletes - Read more

Underground knowledge - Read more

Brain Science unlocks the secrets of our favourite foods - Read more

Galaxy Gold for LJMU Astronomers - Read more

LJMU Learning and Teaching Awards
Amanda Boddis and Phil Denton received awards - Read more

Exploding stardust: Inaugural on how to explore the universe Read more

June 2013

Novel applications of unmanned aerial vehicles - Read more

PhD student becomes ambassador for Pharmacy students - Read more

Academic offers nutritional supplement advice - Read more

Extending the boundaries of Performance Analysis in Football - Read more

Dockwatch draws crowds on World Oceans' Day - Read more

Congratulations to the winners of the NSP photo competition - Read more

Celebrating amazing teaching
Amazing Teacher Award 2013 – Dave Richardson (SPS), Helen Burrell (PBS), Jason Kirby (NSP) and Pat Barry (PBS) were shortlisted.
Amazing Personal Tutor Award 2013 – Elizabeth Whitfield (NSP), Simon Dowell (NSP) shortlisted. - Read more

Radio 5 live’s Sporting Day Out at LJMU - Read more

A sense for business - Read more

May 2013

Alumni expert gives students a career insight - Read More

LJMU & City Unity deliver first Pedagogical Conference in Athens - Read More

LJMU Professor visits Alaska - virtually! - Read More

April 2013

LJMU professor helps prevent rare genetic disease - Read More

Everton Football Club internships exclusive to LJMU - Read More

Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences to host event tackling childhood obesity - Read More

Final year MPhys student deploys an experiment to the edge of space - Read More

‘Integration’ the buzz word in pharmacy education - Read More

New research reveals how Australopithecus sediba walked, chewed and moved - Read More

Sports psychology students chosen for Skills4Performance - Read More

LJMU partners with Leaders in Performance - Read More

Careers - LJMU students and alumni with degrees in Geography or Environmental Science are welcome to attend an industry lecture and careers networking event on Thursday 18th April. - Read More

Applied Psychology graduate gives careers talk to students - Read More

Sport and Exercise Scientists offer industry expertise - Read More

Comet team use the LT to monitor ISON ahead of Rosetta mission ground support project - Read More

Prof Andy Newsam - Plancks data is extraordinary but will it teach us anything new - Read More

March 2013

Premier League Passion Builds Up Footy Fans’ Fitness - Read More

Human evolution influences gamblers' decisions - Read More

Students study economy of desert landscapes - Read More

Psychology lecturer makes neuroscience headlines - Read More

Liverpool Telescope tracks passing asteroid - Read More

In memoriam: Joe Fenerty - Read More

New science fiction series from Astrophysics Research Institute - Read More

LJMU project uses exercise to prevent smoking in children - Read More

NSP/PBS School News magazine - Read More (opens PDF)

February 2013

ARI's Professor Chris Collins on BBC Radio Merseyside - Read More

What should elite athletes eat? - Read More

LJMU inspires a generation of new sport and exercise scientists - Read More

Chimps at Chester Zoo use grooming as a currency - Read More

NSO celebrates 50,000th observation request - Read More

The science of touch - Read More

Near Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 Tracked with Liverpool Telescope - Read More

Liverpool Telescope tracks passing asteroid - Read More

Staff at the Astrophysics Research Institute have produced the first episode in a new science fiction series designed to present astrophysical concepts to a wider audience, and to highlight some of the cutting edge research done in the institute. - Watch the video or read more here

Professor Wich speaks at TEDxLiverpool - Read More

Major health and fitness gains in a fraction of the time - Read More

January 2013

Director of ARI attends inauguration of Thai National Telescope - Read More

Sports Scientists offer expert opinions to the BBC - Read More

PBS News Letter - Click here to view PDF

LJMU astronomers take part in BBC Stargazing Live 2013 at Tatton Park - Read More

Stargazing live – with some help from robot telescopes - Read More (This link will open in a new window)

Astrophysics Research Institute success stories - Read More

LJMU 'AFRESH' event showcases EU projects of the future Read More

Effective school-based physical activity interventions: what works? Read More

Was the sauropod dinosaurs’ large size due to plant food? - Read More

December 2012

The LT prepares for Gaia support duties - Read More (This link will open in a new window)

See the sky at night: Gary Pickup takes you on a journey through space with Twitter Read More (This link will open in a new window)

LJMU students plant new Knowsley woodland - Read More

Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS - Read More

New research shows itching is contagious - Read More

Helens Sutton AC form unique partnership with LJMU - Read More

Performance Analysis in Football - Read More

LJMU Supports England Women’s Football - Read More

November 2012

LJPresentation by top Astronomer - Read More (This link will open in a new window)

Public engagement success for sports sciences - Read More

LJMU research finds pharmacies help address alcohol misuse - Read More

Smoking to be stamped out where children play sports - Read More

Exercise your way to a new heart - Read More

Looking for a career in the pharmaceutical industry? - Read More

LJMU conservation scientist leads new orang-utan research - Read More

October 2012

LJMU PhD student shortlisted for Institute of Physics award - Read More

Vote for Professor Reilly as City's Knowledge Hero - Read More

LJMU gets pupils and public face to face with Olympic Legacy - Read More

LJMU hosts free DockWatch event - Read More

Honorary lectureships for Poulton Research Project - Read More

Dean of the Faculty of Science on BBC2 - Read More

Seminar Series - Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Read More

LJMU researchers invited to appear on expert panel - Read More

September 2012

BBSRC grant to explore links between vision and sport - Read More

Success for Pharmacy at European Research Conference - Read More

LJMU hosts international workshop on exploding star - Read More

LJMU Senior Lecturer featured on BBC World Service - Read More

Funding Success for Analytical Research Group - Read More

August 2012

ARI Director Professor Bode elected to Council of EAS - Read More

Successful Professor and Reader Applicants for 2012 - Read More

Anxious monkeys avoid angry faces - Read More

More Olympic medal success - Read More

A bronze medal for Tweddle - Read More

Bronze medallist Beth speaks highly of LJMU - Read More

Improving Olympic performance - Read More

Olympic challenges for LJMU - Read More

Flying the flag for LJMU Sport Scholars - Read More

Chinese school visit LJMU - Read More

July 2012

The School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences summer news letter - Read More

LJMU student invited to join pharmacy advisory board - Read More

Faculty of Science at the Big Bang! - Read More

Success for School of Sport and Exercise Sciences - Read More

Excellence in Natural Sciences - Read More

Excellence in Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Read More

Graduation Review: Monday 9 July 2012 - Read More

Astrophysics PhD success - Read More

Ecological consultancy at RHS Tatton Show - Read More

Olympic experts in the media - Read More

Olympic science comes to Liverpool with LJMU - Read More

Astrophysicists from around the world at LJMU-led Conference - Read More

Chinese conservation project celebrates 10 years of success - Read More

School and Employer STEM Day - Read More

Forensic students head to Romania - Read More

Taking the perfect penalty - Read More

Business Engagement brings opportunity for forensics student - Read More

June 2012

NSP Student Prizes - Read More

ARI awarded €100,000 for European research project - Read More

Staff from the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology recently took their research into the fascinating underwater life at the Albert Dock to the public - Read More

Notification of change to the building closure times for the Tom Reilly Building and Great Crosshall Street - Read More

Bird's head colour determines its personality - Read More

Maintenance work to lifts: James Parsons Building - Read More

Social Space at Byrom Street... plans unveiled - Read More

Teaching and Learning Awards - Read More

New LT Support Building Opened by LJMU Vice Chancellor - Read More

Black Hole Observed Devouring Star - Read More

Liverpool Student Union Amazing Teaching Awards 2012 - Read More

LJMU Sport Scholarship students compete at Olympic facilities - Read More

Participants needed for LJMU Facilitating Healthy Ageing Project - Read More

May 2012

Dinosaur gases may have altered climate - Read More

LJMU astronomers throw new light on distant galaxies - Read More

Dr Simon Dowell explores Thailand in search of endangered species - Read More

Leverhulme Trust visit attracts research active staff from region - Read More

Postgraduate Research Seminar day - Read More

April 2012

Prof Andy Tattersall offers advice to help humans prepare for Space - Read More

RISES welcomes Expertise and Skill Acquisition Network - Read More

New psychology research studies: participants needed - Read More

March 2012

Roscoe Lecture: Professor David C. Hilmers - Read More

Get Face to Face with Sports Science - Read More

LJMU students deliver Zoology taster session - Read More

Open Labs: Body Lab Workshop - Read More

Leverhulme Trust award LJMU researcher - Read More

LJMU Professor stars in BBC Sport Relief programme - Read More

Professor Greg Whyte talks to BBC about Fabrice Muamba - Read More

Why Liverpool is still brilliant? Liverpool Telescope - Read More

Salford City College visit LJMU Forensic Science team - Read More

Inaugural professorial lecture of Greg Whyte - Read More

National Schools' Observatory students stars of Sky at Night - Read More

LJMU Astrophysics PhD student Martyn Bristow has been invited to quiz MPs in Westminster at the `Voice of the Future Event (2012)' to be held at the Houses of Parliament - Read More

Dr David Wilkinson, Reader in Environmental Science at LJMU's School of Natural Science and Psychology, recently gave an invited talk in the House of Commons during a meeting organised by the 'All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group' and the 'FREdome Visionary Trust' - Read More

John Bishop trained by Professor Greg Whyte - Read More

February 2012

Summer Semester Programme Awarded Prize - Read more

Paints, Pills and Bouncing Custard!
The School of Pharmacy and Bimolecular Sciences was recently host to three groups of school children who came to experience University and to develop their enthusiasm for science - Read more

Sports Science returns to BBC Olympic spotlight - Read more

SmokeFree Sports seminar success - Read more

January 2012

LJMU astronomers get involved with BBC Stargazing Live - Read more

In memoriam: Alan Turner, Prof of Vertebrate Palaeontology - Read more

RAS Honours Professor Paul Murdin - Read more

BBC presenter in Sports Science elite tests - Read more

External Appointments for LJMU Professor - Read more

December 2011

Going Underground: cave archaeology at LJMU - Read more

White Dwarf confirmed as main contender for explosions - Read more

November 2011

LJMU takes Sport Science to schools and museums - Read more

October 2011

Participants required for research into meditation and mindfulness at LJMU - Read more

Praise for project at Men’s Health Congress - Read more

September 2011

Does running explain the naked ape? - Read more

Professor Carole Mundell receives prestigious award from The Royal Society - Read more

Collaborative study by Dr Dave Wilkinson reveals how microbes travel the earth - Read more

LJMU on the road with Sport Science - Read more

Liverpool Telescope in supernova discovery - Read more

August 2011

Premier League Health Project - Read more

The Future of Research into Sports Participation across the Lifespan - Read more

Leaders in Performance - Read more

FIA World Rally Championship feature - Read more

PRISM Conference - Read more

Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference - Read more

Early-Warning System On New Psychoactive Substances - Read more

Invitation to international conference supported by LJMU Professor - Read more

Mersey Pupils Put Crime Analysis to the 'Flame' Test at LJMU - Read more


February-May 2015
RISES Seminar Series
Click here for more details

Weds 19th November 2014 12-1pm. Room 8.08 James Parsons Bldg. Byrom St. Liverpool John Moores University.
Professor Simon Gibbon- Phytochemistry: Opportunities for Anti-infectives and Templates for New Psychoactive Substances
Click here for more details

Upper Lecture Theatre, Peter Jost Centre, Byrom Street, on Wednesday 12 November 2014 at 1.00 - 3.30pm: lecture will last approx. 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session.
Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) lecture series.
Click here for more details

Liverpool John Moores University, Byrom Street, on March 12th 2014 at 4pm.
As part of the Natural Sciences Seminar series Professor Chris Stringer will be giving a lecture on human evolution.
Click here for more details

Research Seminar - Dr Philip Macfaul and Dr Nicola Colclough
Thiol reactivity in Drug Discovery: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Wednesday 26th Feb 2014 Click here for more details

Research Seminars in Psychology, Semester Two 2013 – 14
Click here for more details

Research Seminar - Professor John Howl
Bioportide: An emergent Class of Bioactive Cell Penetrating Peptide. Weds 12th February 2014
Click here for more details

Research Seminar - Dr Rachel Floyd
Real-time investigations of the pathophysiology of Uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) infections. Wednesday 29thth January 2014 Click here for more details

RISES Seminar Series 2014
Click here for more details

Research Seminar - Dr Jari Louhelainen
Associate Professor of Biochemistry (University of Helsinki) Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences LJMU . Thursday 14th November 2013, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Research Seminar - Dr Andrew Leach (School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences)-
Racemization: An integrated experimental-quantum mechanical-informatics approach. Thursday 24th October 2013, 12:00pm to 1:00pm Click here for more details

Natural Sciences Research Seminars and Discussion Group, Autumn 2013
Click here for more details

Research Seminars in Psychology, Semester One 2013 – 14
Click here for more details

LJMU Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Diploma Poster Forum on Wednesday 9th October 2013
Click here for more details (opens PDF)

LJMU's Astrophysics Research Institute is holding a free astronomy public lecture on 5th September 2013.
Click here for more details

Wednesday 15th May 2013, 6.30pm to 9pm Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Diploma Poster Forum Click here for more details

LJMU's Astrophysics Research Institute is holding the 8th Merseyside Astronomy Day (MAD) on Saturday 27 April 2013 at the Spaceport Visitor Centre, Wirral, Merseyside.
Click here for more details

Research Café 2: Wednesday 27 February 2013 (2.30-4.30pm, Seminar Room 2, Avril Robarts Learning Resource Centre)
Leah Williams (PhD student, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology): Colourful characters: Personality in the Gouldian finch

Research Café 3: Wednesday 27 March 2013 (2.30-4.30pm, Seminar Room 1, Aldham Robarts Learning Resource Centre)
Claudia Mettke-Hofmann (Lecturer in Animal Behaviour, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology): Information gathering in an ecological context

Wednesday 16th January 2013,1pm-2pm,Room 228, Byrom Street
Anonymous e-marking with assignment handler: The Tweaktime solution, Philip Denton
To book a place please email Linda Ann Brown L.A.Brown@ljmu.ac.uk

Semester 1 - 2012
NSP Research Seminars in Natural Sciences Click here for more information

Semester 1 - 2012
NSP Research Seminars in Psychology Click here for more information

Tuesday 16th October 2012 from 6:30pm to 9pm
Postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy Diploma Poster Forum Click here for more information

Semester 1 - 2012
PBS Research Seminar Series Click here for more information

Monday 16 July 2012
Invitation to lecture on Biochemical Switching Algorithms - Click here for more information

Saturday 12th May 2012
Merseyside Astronomy Day - Click here for more information

Thursday 19th April 2012
Free Public Lecture in Astronomy - Click here for more information

March 28th 2012
Amy Gray Jones, University of Chester. Manipulation of the body in Mesolithic mortuary practices - Click here for more information

Tuesday 27th March 2012
Denham Phipps Human Reilability Associates Ltd - “From the theatre to the dispensary: studying healthcare professionals at work” - Click here for more information

March 21st 2012
Julie Valentine, LJMU. A multiproxy palaeoenvironmental study of Northwest England - Click here for more information

Semester Two 2012
Research Seminars in Natural Sciences and Psychology - More details

Thursday 29 March 2012 at 5.00pm
A guest lecture by Honorary Fellow Dr Simon Fishel entitled 'The Science, Business and Ethics of IVF'. Click here for more information

4 July, 6 October, 13 October 2012 
2012 undergraduate event details announced...Click here for more information

Wednesday 7 March 2012 at 4.45pm
Invitation to Inaugural Lecture: Professor Wainwright - More details

Thursday 19th January 12-1pm
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Research Seminar Series
Dr Amy Mercer
Defining the role of the mitochondrion and oxidative stress in the chemical and molecular mechanisms of drug-induced cell death - More details

Mon 16th Jan
BBC Stargazing LIVE - More details

ARI seminars - More details

Faculty of Science Good Practice Seminars - Read more

Semester One 2011
Research Seminars in Natural Sciences and Psychology - Read more

Fri 15/07/2011 10:00am
Click here to views pics of prize winners at our prize giving event.

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