World of Work and Skills Support Unit

The World of Work and Skills Support Unit is here to support and assist students and staff with Graduate Skills, Work Related Learning and Work Based Learning.

We are the Faculty resource to support the implementation of the World of Work Programme and Work Based Learning practices, which also means supporting you.

We have put together a collection of resources we hope you find useful for each area.

Graduate Skills:

Eight Graduate Skills – A list of the eight skills areas and the break down to 41 individual skills. Mapping on SIS and module templates is done at a skills area level, but we still use the individual skills for feedback to help students apply the skills in context.

Skills Support Information Leaflet – Information leaflet used with students to give information about Graduate Skills.

PDP and World of Work Logs Staff Resource – Information about World of Work logs, which explains what they are and how they can be used to support PDP practices and encourage students to engage with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

World of Work programme:

Faculty Overview of World of Work – simple diagram summarising the world of work programme including Graduate Skills, Work Related Learning and World of Work Skills Certificate.

Faculty Policy – Agreed in June 2008 giving guidance on all issues relating to World of Work.

Overview of World of Work Skills certificate – A simple overview of the World of Work Skills certificate process.

Work Related Learning:

Work Related Learning Information Leaflet - Information on the Work Related Learning process.

Work Based Learning/ Placements:

CRB information – PowerPoint resource with basic information for students.

New 2012 - CRB Process and Amended ID Checklist – Information for students and staff on the CRB application process. Changes are to be implemented from June 2012 onwards.

A Generic Overview of Placement Forms and Organisation – Module Leaders will advise on local variations.

SCP23 Documents and World of Work and Skills Support Pre-Placement Requirements - Information relating to the SCP23 Codes/documents, inclusive of web links to the LJMU Codes and ASET.

NB: If you feel there is anything else we can do to support you, or any other resources you would like to see here, please feel free to contact us and let the Unit know.

Page last modified 13 September 2013.

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