Wavelet Transform Profilometry Software

The wavelet transform profilometry alogrithm has been implement using the C language. The software has a number of features that are summerised below.

  1. The WTP algorithm is implemented in the time and frequency domains. The frequency domain implementation is quicker to run on digital computers and it requires approximately one second to process a fringe pattern with dimensions of 512 X 512 pixels.
  2. The software supports two mother wavelets: the Paul and Morlet wavelets.
  3. The software supports two ridge extraction algorithm: the Maximum and Cost function algorithms.
  4. The software enables the user to reduce the distortion which occurs at the borders of the retreived phase maps using the LPC algorithm.

You can download the WTP software from our website free of charge.

Great effort has been put into programming this WTP software and publishing it on this website. We provide our software free of charge. But we requist that if you wish to use our software, pleaase inform us by emailing m.a.gdeisat@ljmu.ac.uk, cite our paper below, and acknowledge the use of the WTP software in any published work.

This is not only benefits us, but may be a source of future collaboration and helps us customise our algorithms to perform in an increasing number of application areas. If our algorithms do not exactly meet the requirments of your application, contact us and we may be welling to customise a solution for you.

[1] Gdeisat. M. A, Burton. D. R and Lalor. M. J, "Spatial Carrier Fringe Pattern Demodulation Using a Two-Dimensional Continuous Wavelet Transform," Applied Optics, doi:10.1364/AO.45.008722, Vol. 45, No. 34, pp 8722-8732, 2006.



Page last modified 20 February 2009.

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