Standing Orders for the Conduct of Meetings


  1. The quorum for the transaction of business shall be such number as is nearest to but not greater than one third of the total membership of the Board plus one. Not less than half the members present shall be external members.

  2. Any member who withdraws due to Pecuniary, Family or Other Personal Interest (Article 7 (7) (a), 7 (8), or 7 (9) of the Articles of Government),  shall be deemed to be present for the purposes of the quorum.

  3. If less than half of the members present at any time are external members but the meeting is otherwise quorate, a decision may, with the consent of a majority of the external members present, be deferred to the next meeting, which, if otherwise quorate, may make that decision notwithstanding that less than half the members present are external members.  No decision shall be deferred more than once using this provision.

  4. The Board of Governors has a policy for regulating the attendance of Members.

  5. Members shall not be entitled to appoint proxies to attend or vote instead of them at meetings of the Board of Governors or of any Committee.

Page last modified 09 December 2005.

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