Standing Orders for the Conduct of Meetings

Conduct of Meetings

  1. The proceedings of meetings shall not be invalidated by any vacancy for a member or by any defect in the election, appointment (or qualification) of any member.

  2. Members of the Board of Governors are expected at all times to exercise independent judgement when making decisions affecting the University and shall not accept nor be bound by any purported mandates from bodies or persons by whom they were nominated.  However, this should not prevent any member or members representing to the Board the views of or representations made by any body, group or individual having an interest in the affairs of the University, provided that such representation can in no way construed as a conflict of interest for the Governor concerned.

  3. Governors shall not be bound in their speaking by mandates given to them by other bodies or persons.

  4. The Chair of the meeting is responsible for the conduct of the meeting and is entitled to the co-operation of members in ensuring the timely transaction of business and for fair, open and courteous debate.

  5. Governors may for reasons of confidentiality or inhibition feel unable or unwilling to raise particular concerns, or ask particular questions within a formal Board meeting.  If Governors wish to raise general concerns or questions outside of formal meetings, they should in the first instance contact the Chair/Chairman, or in the case of Committee meeting business, the Chair/ Chairman of the relevant Committee.

Page last modified 09 December 2005.

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