Directorate of Academic Delivery

Welcome to the Directorate of Academic Delivery.

 The Directorate is part of Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences and looks after most of its teaching activities.  We provide a wide range of professional programmes to meet the needs of students who want to enter careers within health care, social care and social work. The Faculty offers health-related courses in Adult Nursing, Childrens Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. Students can also study Midwifery and Paramedic studies. There are a range of community health focused programmes including; Health Visiting, District Nursing and School Nursing. In addition we offer Environmental Health and Public Health studies. The Faculty also provides professional qualifications in Social Work, as well as studies in Health and Social Care that specifically focus on the Individual, Families and Communities. 

The Faculty offers a range of programmes from Foundation level to Doctorate studies; including undergraduate and Masters studies. The type and range of courses enables students to develop a clear academic pathway, providing each student with the opportunity to accomplish their full potential, personally, academically and professionally.  Our strong links with practice colleagues from the NHS, Local Authorities, voluntary agencies and the private sector ensures that all our programmes are contemporary and truly meet the workforce needs.  These programmes are at the cutting edge and use innovative approaches that truly reflect the changing needs of practice. All our programmes are informed by ongoing research and consultancy, ensuring students receive the most up-to-date teaching and learning.  We attract  students  from throughout Great Britain and lead the way for advancing practice.  Our state of the Art technology also means that we can provide courses to students wherever they are in the world.  For example, we currently provide education packages for students in India and  Malaysia.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team of academic staff and researchers also provide bespoke educational packages to meet the specific needs of students and for practice areas. The Faculty recognise that each student has their individual needs and as such we provide a wide range of support mechanisms to enable every student to meet their full potential.


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