Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do students have to work nights?
There is a requirement for students to work the full range of shifts as would be experienced once qualified, this means night shifts and weekend working as well as normal early and late shifts.   The nights worked must not come immediately before or on the same day as a study day/day shift.

2. Can students work long days?
Yes, students can work long days (LD on the attendance sheet key) if they are happy to do that.  It will be recorded as 12 hours excluding meal breaks.

3. Does a long day count as two shifts?
No it does not.  Please refer to question 2.

4. How do I claim for my placement travel costs?
Travel forms are available to print off from the placement area of LJMU website.  You can reach this from the faculty home page. You can also collect a paper copy of the Travel claims form from the Faculty Office.

5. How do I get authorised absence?
You need to speak to your personal tutor and explain why you require authorised absence.  You need to complete an ‘Authorised Absence Form’ which you can get from the Faculty Office.  Evidence will be required to support your application and authorisation is discretionary.  Evidence might include for a hospital appointment a letter from the hospital with your details and the date and time of the appointment.  This leave will go on your transcript as special leave.

6. How do I get compassionate leave?
Again you will need to complete an ‘Authorised Absence Form’ which can be obtained from the Faculty Office.  Again evidence will need to be provided to support your application.    This absence will be recorded on your transcript as special leave.

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Page last modified 24 August 2012.

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