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Good programmes are characterised by high levels of academic and professional integrity.  This must be underpinned by robust educational principles to create a curriculum that is relevant, challenging and enjoyable.  To ensure this, programme teams need to engage in a strategic approach to curriculum development that addresses the University's Learning Teaching,and Assessment Strategy.  

There are a number of clear procedures and standards that teams must meet for successful programme development.  These are in line with the LJMU regulations and nationally defined academic/professional standards expected in higher education.  However, the most important aspect of curriculum development is that the process is undertaken in a spirit of intellectual debate.  Therefore, in developing new programmes, teams should:

  • interrogate the evidence base with respect to discipline-specific needs and education processes
  • seek and listen to the student voice
  • engage with external stakeholders
  • explore and share good practice across the sector

For further guidance, teams are strongly advised to refer to the LJMU Curriculum Design Guide

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Page last modified 02 June 2014.

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