No Longer Needed - Please Delete - Support for Students with Disabilities

In line with the University's policy, the Faculty is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities to all students.  As a result, no students are disadvantaged as a result of disability unless that renders them ‘unsuitable for practice’ as determined by occupational health (see entry requirements in relevant course documentation).

The process of identification of disability varies with the stage of the student lifecycle 

  • self-declaration
  • numeracy test
  • literacy test
  • health screening
  • self-declaration
  • self-declaration 
  • referral by personal tutor, module leader, Inclusion & Diversity Officeror clinical staff/mentor

Please note that out of respect for the student’s privacy, it is the responsibility of individual students to disclose their disability to any tutors or other members of staff.  
Once a disability has been identified, the University offers a range of support services.  These include:
• Provision of specialist equipment and software
• Funding for special equipment
• Disabled students’ allowance
• Provision of reader/scribe
• Hearing enhancement technology in teaching rooms
• Additional time/equipment for exams
• Specific services in LRC’s
• Additional borrowing time
• Dyslexia support sessions
• Free photocopying
• Study skills specialist
• All buildings are accessible for people with disabilities
• Alternative assessments

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