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Controlling Corporate and White Collar Crime on Merseyside

This pilot project provided a foundation for subsequent mapping and analysing the local regulation of corporate crimes and harms, focusing upon the five local authority areas of Merseyside. Having identified a wide range of organisations playing some role in local corporate and white-collar crime control, the project focused upon the statutory agencies at local authority level, seeking to: establish the precise nature of their functions, co-ordination efforts between these within and across local authorities, and to identify key data on these.

As well as generating a series of methodological questions, several key substantive conclusions in relation to local authority regulation of business were reached. Perhaps the key finding is that, across the local authorities, definitions of ‘enforcement’ vary significantly – for example, some include the provision of education and advice / advisory visits, while others restricting this to the use of notices and prosecutions. Indeed, differential understandings of enforcement proved to be the most significant conceptual, empirical and methodological issue encountered in, and problem for, the project.

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