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Research into Black and Racial Minority Victims Satisfaction with Police Responses in Merseyside

Dr. Giles Barrett, Dr. Vickie Cooper, Samantha Fletcher, Jim Hollinshead, Dr. David Tyrer, Dr. Joe Yates and Echo Yeung conducted research which critically explored the levels of satisfaction expressed by victims of crime, from Black and Racial Minority (BRM) communities, in relation to Merseyside Police victim services. The project had 3 key overall aims. Firstly, to develop an understanding of the range of factors, both demographic and geographical, which may contribute to BRM communities’ levels of victim satisfaction with Merseyside Police victim services. Secondly, to generate data on the impact of policing practices on different BRM groups in Merseyside in order to explore how this may impact on levels of Black and Racial Minority satisfaction with Merseyside Police. Finally, the research looked to develop understanding of how diversity, within the BRM communities, on Merseyside impacts on expectations of policing and varying levels of expressed satisfaction with Merseyside Police.

For any further queries relating to the project please contact Dr. Giles Barrett

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