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Provision of Affordable Credit Across Greater London

Santander has commissioned the Research Unit for Financial Inclusion, in collaboration with Policis, to explore the provision of affordable credit in low-income communities across Greater London following the ending of the Financial Inclusion Fund Growth Fund in March 2011.  The commission was developed in consultation with the Department of Work and Pensions

There are four central strands to the research study:
• A mapping exercise to identify those areas of Greater London where there is a need for affordable credit.
• Analysis of existing supply of affordable credit and identification of those areas where there is a capacity gap between existing supply and demand.
• Analysis of the potential of existing supply to develop and grow so as to meet that demand through action research with credit unions, community development finance institutions (CDFIs)and other stakeholders.
• The framing of recommendations for the future strategic development of affordable credit supply in the capital.
The mapping exercise is being undertaken by Policis and the consultation and development work with credit unions, CDFIs and other stakeholders undertaken by RUFI, led by Paul A Jones.

The project aims to develop a strategic view of credit union and other community finance services in London and to identify ways to expand and develop services in the future.

For any further queries relating to the project please email Dr. Paul A Jones

Page last modified 02 June 2011.

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