Nickianne Moody

Title: Nickianne Moody - Principal Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

Telephone: +44 (0)151 231 5028

Work address:

Humanities and Social Science,
Liverpool John Moores University,
John Foster Building,
80 - 98 Mount Pleasant,
L3 5UZ


Nickianne Moody is Principal Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Liverpool John Moores University.  She acts as the Convenor for the Association for Research in Popular Fictions and edits the journal Popular Narrative Media.  Publications include work on most popular genres, nineteenth and twentieth-century fiction, popular culture and more specifically cultures of reading.  Most recent publications include Children’s Fantasy Fiction Debates for the 21st Century, Reading the Popular in Contemporary Spanish Texts and Judging a Book by Its Cover.  Current research is focussed on the experience and representation of ‘Cyberbullying’, the cultural reception of the ‘Richard and Judy Bookclub’, early Hollywood adaptations of late nineteenth century women writers and a survey of method and theory for the study of Popular Narrative Media: Analysing Print, Play, Film and Television to be published by Liverpool University Press.

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