Service level agreement - server hosting and management

The following is a sample Service Level Agreement for Virtual Server Hosting and Management by IT Services (ITS)

1 Scope

This document defines the agreement between ITS and […] for the hosting and management of the […] server.

2 Custodian

The [….] nominated server custodian is […], in who’s absence the nominated alternate is […]. All communications related to the set-up and operation of this server will be between ITS and the custodian or alternate.

3 Service Agreement

3.1 Location and Connectivity

The virtual server will be hosted on the University's highly available virtual infrastructure which is connected to the network by resilient (gigabit / 100mbit) ethernet.

3.2 Access

All access to the server by the custodian will be via remote connection, no physical access to the computer room will normally be permitted. The custodian will have system access rights at a level sufficient to install, maintain and manage the application; system level administrative rights are not granted. (Those actions which require system level administrative rights will be done by ITS on behalf of the custodian). 

3.3 Software Installation and Maintenance

ITS will:

  • Install the required operating system (usually the latest version of Windows or Redhat) and
    • Maintain the system with the latest service pack and patches
    • Configure the system to receive automatic updates
  • Install the University’s approved virus checker configured to:
    • Scan on write
    • Receive automatic updates and signatures
    • Install server / system monitoring software

    Subject to negotiation, ITS will also install the following software and maintain this at the latest service pack and update level.

    The custodian will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of all other software.

    In order to ensure (as far as is possible) that all systems are fully protected and cannot interfere with the operation of other systems on the network ITS apply the latest patches to all its servers. This occurs automatically without prior notification. It is the responsibility of the custodian to ensure that applications continue to function in this scenario. ITS will not be responsible for application failures arising from updates to the Operating System or to layered software which it is maintaining under this agreement.

    The custodian must maintain the patch level of software for which he/she has responsibility to ensure (as far as is possible) that the system is protected from vulnerabilities and cannot disrupt other network services. ITS reserve the right to disconnect the system without prior notice if it is identified as the cause of network service disruption.

3.4 Network Services

ITS will configure the system such that all services offered to the network are disabled except for those explicitly requested by the custodian.

By default, all Internet access to the system is denied by the Firewall; external access through the Firewall is subject to ITS Firewall Security Policy.

3.5 Hardware Maintenance

ITS will include the host server farm on its maintenance contract (subject to availability) to provide Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm [4 hour] response cover to ensure the highest capacity of the virtual farm is maintained.

High availability for virtual servers mean they are capable of running on any physical host in the far,

ITS will pro-actively monitor the operation of the components of the server and initiate parts replacement when potentially failing components are identified. Any necessary downtime to replace components will be scheduled by agreement with the custodian.

ITS will not undertake system performance monitoring.

3.6 System Availability

Using high availability features of the virtual environment, ITS will endeavour to provide 24*7 availability of the server; with the exception of the ITS defined “service at risk” period: (See the Service at Risk Policy Document.)

The custodian will be advised in advance of other non-availability periods except in emergency situations, which necessitate immediate withdrawal of system availability.

3.7 Backup and Recovery

ITS will backup the system disk on a weekly schedule

For application data, a backup schedule will be agreed with the custodian dependant upon the volatility of the data and backup capacity within ITS.

In the event that system and / or data recovery is required ITS will work in partnership with the custodian (and 3rd party application suppliers) to effect system recovery in a timely fashion. Note that in a failure requiring the recovery of multiple servers, ITS priorities will to be recover services critical to the operation of the University.

3.8 Recovery Testing

To ensure that system recovery from backups can be successfully achieved, ITS, in partnership with the custodian, may perform full system recovery testsce per year.

3.9 Disaster Recovery

The custodian is responsible for making appropriate business continuity arrangements to cover the catastrophic loss of the server.

4 Schedule of Charges

ITS will invoice annually in advance for the above services in accordance to the schedule shown on this page.

May 2010

Page last modified 02 February 2015.

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