Disk storage

In addition to the standard file and email storage facilities issued to all computer users, staff can request, at extra cost, additional storage space for a number of services.


Disk storage for all the major systems supported by ITS is provisioned to each server or application from a storage pool known as a Storage Area Network or SAN. SAN storage is provisioned in units of 1 gigabyte and can be acquired as necessary to support or enhance storage provision for the  following services:

The storage provided for the above is:

    • Replicated, in real-time, between the University's two main computer rooms for maximum availability
    • Located in secure, air-conditioned and UPS protected environments
    • Backed up every night, with backup tapes held off-site for additional security


Costings are available on this page

The above are the inclusive costs for provision for a 4 year period.

Page last modified 24 February 2015.

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