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Microsoft Office LogoIT Services (ITS) upgraded all student PCs to Office 2013 during Summer 2014 and all new staff PC's from July 2014 come with Office 2013.

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What's new in Office 2013

Replacing the earlier versions of the Office suite of applications features many improvements. Microsoft have put together some webpages with videos helping you through the changes, click the link below to visit their site:

The Ribbon

The most obvious change you'll notice when opening an Office 2013 application for the first time is that the menus and toolbars that were present in earlier versions of Office are now replaced by the Ribbon. Named by Microsoft as the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, it is designed to help the user quickly find commands necessary to complete a task. Commands are grouped under tabs, with tabs only being shown when needed. This new feature is present in Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook 2007. Find out more from Microsoft Office online

The Office Button

The Office buttonReplacing the File menu, the Office button is displayed in the top left hand corner of the application window. It provides access to basic functions in all Office applications, such as creating a new document, opening an existing file, together with saving, closing and priting functions. Simply click on the button to access the menu items. Find out more from Microsoft Office online

New file formats

Files created by the 2007 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are based on XML, which has the potential to greatly reduce the size of file created based on earlier versions of Office. Denoted by a new file extension, any document created in Office 2007 and above will be saved by default to the XML format. All documents are compatible with earlier version of the application, simply by changing the file type. Please note that some of the enhanced features of documents produced in the 2007 version of the application may be lost when saving to an earlier version type. Find out more from Microsoft Office online

Application specific improvements

As well as suite wide improvements, each application contains many enhanced features, for example, Word now contains "themes" to quickly and easily format your document. Each of these improvements is designed to help you quickly and easily create professional looking documents.

How can I get help and support using the new applications?

These pages offer links to documentation, on line questions and interactive video clips to help with the transition to Office 2013. In addition, as a member of LJMU staff you can download a copy of Office  to install on your home PC now, and explore the new features. Alternatively, try it out online via the Microsoft web site. If you still require further assistance, then please contact Off-Campus Support.

Page last modified 20 January 2015.

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