Sharepoint Committees Application

Screenshot of Committees applicationThe organising of university committees and groups lends itself very well to the use of Sharepoint, involving as it does the collaboration of groups of people and the sharing of papers for discussion at meetings.

A Sharepoint site specifically designed for running a committee can be set up, containing:

  • A list of meeting dates, with associated documents:
  • Committee Agendas
  • Committee Minutes
  • Committee Papers

A list of committee members is also kept.

By selecting the radio button for a particular meeting date, the documents (as above) associated with that meeting are displayed. The documents can then be printed, all at once if required, using a special print button.

Committee sites have been set up for the committees that are part of the university's official committee structure, and for many besides. The home page for these is here.

Page last modified 20 January 2015.

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