Current printing / photocopying costs

Last updated 1st Jan 2012


The same charges apply to both staff & students.

Image of coinsDouble sided

 Print type  Cost / page  Equivalent cost /side
 A4 Black and White 4p 2p 
 A4 Colour 14p 7p 
 A3 Black and white 8p 4p
 A3 Colour 30p 15p

Single Sided

 Print type  Cost / page  Equivalent cost /side
 A4 Black and White 3p 3p 
 A4 Colour 10p 10p 
 A3 Black and white 6p 6p
 A3 Colour 15p 15p

Please note: it is University policy, as approved by the Academic Board, to require all project submissions, essays, theses etc to be submitted on double-sided paper.

Specialist printing facilities

In addition to the printing facilities above, all Libraries offer the following specialised printing services to both staff and students, at the following prices:

  • A4 colour transparencies - 90p per sheet
  • (Up to) A0 colour printing - £7 per sheet
  • A1 printing - £3.75 per sheet
  • A2 printing - £2 per sheet

(Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2012)

For large print or copy jobs, staff should use the Central Print Unit. This is cheaper per page with an additional 20% VAT saving on stapled or bound prints. This is not available on your normal Ricoh device. For more information goto the Central Print Unit web pages.


Page last modified 28 June 2013.

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