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Setting up your smart phone or tablet device for Print


You can now print from your phone or tablet using the LJMU's PrinterOn app. No need to find a PC or use a memory stick, just work in your favourite app and send to the University’s Followme queue to release upto 18 hours later. You could be at home, in a coffee bar somewhere comfortable, even on a train or plane, you do not have to be in the university to Print.

The app is available in the Apple and Android App stores, search for “PrinterOn” or click the links below.

Download PrinterOn for iOS/iPad/iPhone

Download PrinterOn for Android Phone and Tablet 

Once you have installed PrinterOn, you will need to configure it. Instructions for Iphone and Android devices are below, although the PrinterOn interface has recently changed.

General Instructions

1. In Settings, enter your LJMU username & password. Make sure you set “PrinterOn hosted” to On. Press back till you are at the main screen again.
2. Choose Printer icon in the middle, choose Search and enter “LJMU”. 2 printers will be listed. Click the i (info) for each printer and choose save or star.

3. You're now configured.

In the app you can print photos, web pages and some files directly. For other files like email, Pages, QuickOffice, on Apple devices use the “Open in” function and on Android devices use “Send to”. Its that simple. You can now print from any app on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

This option allows you to print Ms Office files, from within Blackboard and many other popular apps. Anything sent can be printed/ released from one of the 165 LJMU printers up to 18 hours later.

Iphone/ Ipod Touch instructions

IPad instructions

Android phone instructions

For Mac, Linux, netbooks or any other devices use Web Based Printing 


Configuring the Android app

Mobile, tablet users you need to touch the phone graphic to step through each screen with the arrows at the bottom.


Configuring the iPhone App

Mobile, tablet users you need to touch the phone graphic to step through each screen with the arrows at the bottom.

Configuring the Android Tablet App

Mobile, tablet users touch the graphic to step through each screen using the arrows at the bottom.

For Android tablets & devices

The PrinterOn App works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus tablets. Samsungs usually have Polaris Office suite installed, Nexus or other Android tablet users can download Kings Office or Polaris Office if available. Both are complete Office compatible suites with Word, Excel compatible options, and allow you to write documents comfortably on a tablet and print out if needed.

NB There is currently a small bug printing webpages in the Android app. If you use the builtin browser, single pages are fine. Longer pages printed squashed. To print, use your normal browser like Chrome and use the Send to or Share option.

For Iphone/ Ipad

PrinterOn is compatible with Apple's Mail, Pages & Numbers apps and many other apps to be able to print. Dropbox, Blackboard all work. QuickOffice and some other apps have no "Open In" to function to print directly. However most store documents in an App that do have an Open In Function, or use email. 

Page last modified 08 September 2014.

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