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*** Off Campus Service Update 3/9/14 ***

The Off Campus service is due for several updates which will go live on Wednesday 3rd September 2014. These updates will bring the service in line with the IT Services managed client summer updates (All Public clients on campus have already been updated, Private clients on campus will be updated on request). The updates include Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft UE-V as well as updates to all our most popular applications. Further updates will be published on our web pages shortly. 


What is the Off Campus Service?


The Off Campus Applications Service allows off campus access to a wide range of applications on the LJMU network such as:

  • Your M drive (Personal File Store) and staff shared network drives
  • A range of Subject Software and Corporate Applications through the JMU App Player
  • Outlook 2010 for access to your LJMU e-mail account 
  • Office 2010
  • FollowMe printing

To access the Off Campus Applications Service you need:

  • A PC or Mac connected to the internet with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox
  • A piece of software called the Citrix client – if this is not already installed you can download and install a suitable version the first time you access the service
  • If you have not used the service before, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, as it is then very straightforward to download and install the correct version of Citrix
  • You can also access the service from a range of mobile devices 

Accessing the Off Campus Applications Service

  • Whether or not you have used the service before you should go to the following URL which takes you to the Citrix Access Gateway
  • Alternatively click the link Login to Off Campus Applications on the left hand menu 
  • This will take you to the login screen as shown below. Login here using your normal LJMU username and password.  
  • Add the link to the login screen to your Favourites if you use the Off Campus service regularly

 Citrix Login Screen  

If this is the first time you have used the service, your PC will be scanned to see whether you have a suitable Citrix client installed. If you do not, you will prompted to install one. If you are using Internet Explorer you can then just click the INSTALL button. See the link Installing Off Campus Applications on the left hand menu for further information about this, and for help on using other browsers.


 Citrix Applications Screen  

If the Citrix client is already installed you will see the Citrix Applications screen, which looks similar to the one on the left, after logging in. Click on the XA Off Campus Desktop icon shown here. This will launch the desktop.

Off Campus Desktop Icon

 Off Campus Desktop

 The Off Campus Desktop gives you access to all the Off Campus services and applications. It looks similar to an LJMU managed PC running Windows 7. When you have finished your session,  click the Start button and then Logoff. This will return you to the previous screen above. Then click the Logoff button (shown below) at the top of this screen and select Disconnect to finish your Off Campus session.

Logoff Icon


JMU AppPlayer



The Off Campus Desktop has now had its Start Menu changed to bring it in line with the ITS Windows 7 Managed Desktops which uses the JMU AppPlayer application to launch installed applications.

Although Off Campus uses the same program, only a small subset of the applications are currently available through Off Campus, if you are familiar with using and finding applications with the AppPlayer on one of our Managed PC's, the same functionality and experience is also available via off campus.

If you would like more help on using the AppPlayer please refer to the help page relating to it -

JMU App Player Favourites on Off Campus are specific to this platform as are favourites on the ITS Managed Windows 7 clients.  Therefore favourites do not roam between the two separate groups of systems.



You can launch the AppPlayer from 3 places:

Taskbar Shorcut (above) or using the Icon on the Desktop (below left) or from the Start Menu (below right)



Page last modified 27 August 2014.

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