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The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a scheme under which key Microsoft software products such as Windows and Office applications are rented on a site-licensed basis. LJMU is a member of this scheme, which obviates the need for departments to meet the considerable software licensing costs involved in providing this software on their PCs.

The information given on these pages explains the implications of this for LJMU and the guidelines under which staff and departments should operate.

Products Covered

The campus agreement covers the following software products, at whatever version is the latest, or earlier if required:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise Upgrade: This is licensable under Campus when applied as an upgrade to an existing operating system bought as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) licence, i.e. bought with the PC itself. New PCs must still be bought with an OEM licence for Windows. Note that Windows is covered by Downgrade Rights (see below).
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2013: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher. Office for Macintosh 2011 Professional Edition is also included.
  • Visual Studio Professional Edition: Visual Basic Professional Edition, Visual C++ Professional Edition, Visual J++, Visual InterDev, Visual FoxPro Professional Edition, Microsoft Developer Network Library CD-ROM
  • Office Sharepoint Designer (formerly Frontpage): Web development software.
  • Project Professional: Scheduling / Management
  • Visio Professional: Graphical Design / Representation. 
  • Core Client Access Licence:  These are licences required by Microsoft for any client PC which accesses, or uses the services of, a particular type of server on the network. This includes Windows Server, Exchange Server, Systems Management Server, Sharepoint Portal Server.
  • Other Software: Other Microsoft software products will continue to be available under the Microsoft Select Agreement, of which the University continues to be a member.

Downgrade Rights

Product licences under Campus carry downgrade rights to allow earlier versions of the software to be installed if so desired.

Networked PCs / ITS installations

Under the terms of the Campus Agreement, licences to use any of the above software on any PC connected to the University network may be assumed to have been covered.

Departmental Installations

Departments who install Microsoft software independently of It Services (ITS) may also take advantage of Campus central licensing. However, we are still obliged to keep track of the deployment of these licences. The agreement states:

'You must keep all usual and proper records relating to your reproduction, distribution and use of the Campus Software Products. We [i.e. Microsoft] reserve the right to audit you during the term of this Agreement and for a period of one year thereafter'.

If LJMU were to leave the Campus Agreement at some future date, it would be necessary to be able to distinguish those licences we owned from the ones we had rented under Campus. It is therefore incumbent on departments to record the use of Campus licences and to maintain knowledge of how these have been deployed.

Subject to this, departments may install software under the Campus Agreement as required. Media may if necessary be obtained via ITS at a nominal charge, under the continuing Select agreement.

Individual Staff

All standard staff PCs connected to the University network are licensed centrally and there is no need for individual staff to be concerned with Microsoft software licensing unless they have a non-standard or standalone PC which is not supported by ITS. In this case, you should approach your departmental support if there is software in the Campus Agreement you wish to obtain.

Staff Home Use Rights

Under the Campus Agreement, staff may install and use any of the following on one computer they own personally, be it a portable or home PC:

  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition
  • Windows 7 Professional (upgrade)
  • Windows 8

All staff who exercise this right must strictly observe the terms and conditions of the Campus Agreement. Thus they must undertake not to propogate further copies of the software, and must agree to delete the software should they leave the employ of the University.

All software is available (for a nominal fee) from Viglen Computers, for further information check this page. Alternatively, a limited number of applications are available to download from this web page


Students may only use software licensed under Campus on networked PCs as provided by the University. They are not entitled to Home Use Rights or to otherwise obtain copies of Microsoft software under the Campus Agreement.

Further Information

Further information on the agreement may be obtained from ITS.

Page last modified 20 January 2015.

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