Accessing Assessments - Open

All assessments are accessed via a web page, depending on what type of assessment you have set up, you will need to direct the user to one of the URLs listed below.



Accessing Open Assessments

To access an open assessment use the following URL:
On the initial page you will find a login screen, the user can enter their details into the textboxes, once they click enter, they will find a list of open assessments. Clicking on the assessment name will start the assessment, the login information is not authenticated.

Link to a specific open assessment with a pre-set name
Before linking to a specific assessment you need to aquire an assessment identifier. An assessments identifier can be found by right clicking on the assessment and selecting properties in Authoring Manager, you will find a 16 digit number here. To link to an open assessment use the following URL:

TEST is the name given to participants, change this to something more meaningful that represents your students. Replace the zeros in the above URL with your assessment identifier.

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