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Recent LION Web Difficulties

Posted: 09 Nov 2001

We have recently been experiencing severe difficulties with Web connections to the LION online Library Catalogue. We have been in touch with our software suppliers who are working as hard as possible to resolve the problem. As such, users may experience problems connecting to the LION via the web. LIS apologise for the inconvenience caused to users. Off-Campus users who wish to renew books or other items may telephone their usual LRC as follows:

Aldham Robarts LRC
Tel 0151 231 3634/3701 Fax 0151 707 1307

Avril Robarts LRC
Tel 0151 231 4022 Fax 0151 231 4479

I.M. Marsh LRC
Tel 0151 231 5216 Fax 0151 729 0165

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