How do I upload a new video on to the system?

Image of video tape and DVDYour local learning resource centre is equipped with a video capturing PC, allowing DVDs or videos to be captured and transferred onto the media server. In addition to converting the file to the required format (WMV), basic editing, such as deletion of unwanted sections can be carried out.

Requesting a new video.

Videos or DVDs should be sent to the appropriate Information Officer for your subject area. The material should be accompanied by a completed and printed Item for Video On Demand Service form, available to download and print here.

The information officer will check for copyright compliance as necessary. Please note the following general copyright guidelines:

  • No commercially bought videos can be placed on the LJMU network unless clearance has been obtained from the copyright holder
  • Videos recorded off-air under the terms of the Educational Recording Agency, ERA, licence can be made available on the LJMU network but only for viewing on LJMU premises

The Research and Learner Support Officer will then return the material to you and inform you of the web address it is available at.

Recording Programmes

Library and Student Support offer a request service to record scheduled broadcast programmes. For more information go to the Copying Off Air Recordings page.

Making video available off campus.

By default, videos are only available to university staff and students. However, if you would like to make your media available to non university audiences, for example, to embed within a web page, please contact the CIS web team, who will be able to advise further.  

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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