RedDot Table Guidance

Guidance for creating and Editing tables in RedDot

Creating and maintaining tables using RedDot's Text Editor can on occasion cause problems with page layouts. This page will outline the problems and how they can be avoided.

Our page templates are designed to be flexible, however pasting tables from other sources and performing some formatting within the RedDot text editor can cause tables to break this flexibility.

If you are well versed in HTML and create your own tables, then please avoid using fixed, pixel widths and heights in your code, and avoid using images that can unduly influence the shape of your tables.

Creating Tables

Creating a table in RedDot Text EditorYou can add tables to RedDot by clicking the Create Table button in the RedDot Text editor, which opens up an options dialogue box that allows you to enter additional formatting details before your table is added to the page.

We have added a default value of 75% to the table format dialogue box, which is perfectly sized for most LJMU templated pages.

Enter the number of rows and columns you need for your table. You can also add padding values and border information here without adversely affecting the page layout.

Once your table options are setup, click OK.

Caution: the Table Resizer Tool

By positioning your cursor over the edges of the newly created table, your cursor changes to a four-point move/resize tool allowing you to drag the table to the required size onscreen. However this does not give you an accurate representation of how the table will appear in the context of the templated page, and adds absolute pixel widths and heights to the table which causes layout problems later on.

For this reason, we advise that you do not use the resizer tool.

Once the Table Resizer tool has been used, it's values remain in your table code and can only be removed by editing the page source code.

If you need to add additional rows or columns to your table you can still use the insert rows/columns buttons on the RedDot text editor toolbar to do so, as these will not adversely affect the layout.

Page last modified 16 September 2011.

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