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MPhil and PhD Applications

MPhil and PhD Applications in Law and Criminal Justice can be sent any time (preferably) via e-mail to Dr Carlo Panara ( Any information relating to MPhil and PhD programmes at the School of Law can be obtained by e-mailing to Dr Carlo Panara.

Applications will be considered in any area of Law and Criminal Justice.

An application will include:

- A completed application form.
- A research proposal containing a description of your proposed research and of the chosen methodology (ideally 4 to 6 word document pages). The proposal must include a detailed time planning for the research.
- Short CV (max two word document pages).
- Scanned copies of the originals of all your qualifications and marks (first degree, master degree, English language skills) and of any other document you deem relevant to your application (e.g., practical training, previous research related activities etc.).
- A clear statement or proposal on how you are planning to finance your MPhil/PhD. 
If you wish to apply to enrol as a research student at the School of Law please download and complete the Postgraduate Application form and return it (either via e-mail or in hard copy) to:

Dr Carlo Panara
Research Co-ordinator
School of Law, Liverpool John Moores University
Faculty of Business & Law
John Foster Building,
98 Mount Pleasant
Liverpool    L3 5UZ

Further Information

Enrolment Information
Mode of Entry
International Students
Periods of Study
Further Details

Enrolment Information

We may be able to enrol you for a research degree, either MPhil or PhD, subject to:

a) your possession of adequate academic qualifications
b) satisfactory references
c) your proposal being a worthwhile research project which fits our expertise
d) a suitable academic member of staff being available to supervise your study.

In the case of a research degree you would be allocated a team of 2/3 academics to supervise your research. The research degree is awarded solely on the basis of a thesis, the research topic having been mutually agreed between yourself and your supervisors. In addition you would required to attend a related programme of work, to be agreed with your supervisors, that would include research methods training. 

Mode of Entry

The normal mode of entry for PhD students is through the (PhD via MPhil) Route.  In this case a student would register for a MPhil and transfer to a PhD after providing evidence of satisfactory progress.   To satisfy the requirements for registration for (MPhil or PhD via MPhil) the student must meet one of the following criteria:

      • An applicant for registration for the degree of MPhil shall normally hold a first or second class honours degree of the University or of the Council for National Academic Awards or of a university in the UK or a qualification which is regarded as equivalent to such an honours degree. 
      • An applicant holding qualifications other than those above shall be considered on his/her merits and in relation to the nature and scope of the programme of work proposed. In considering an applicant in this category, we look for evidence of the candidate's ability and background knowledge in relation to the proposed research.  Professional experience, publications, written reports or other appropriate evidence of accomplishment shall be taken into consideration.

Very occasionally we will support a student in seeking to register direct for a PhD.  For this to happen the students must meet the following: 

      •  Direct registration for the degree of PhD may be permitted to an applicant who holds a Master's degree awarded by LJMU ; OR
      • a Master's degree awarded by the Council for National Academic Awards ; OR
      • a Master's degree awarded by UK university; OR
      • an overseas Master's degree of equivalent standard, provided that the Master's degree is in a discipline which is appropriate to the proposed research and that the Master's degree included training in research and the execution of a research project.

We may also register for PhD direct a candidate who, although lacking a Master's degree, has a good honours degree (or equivalent) in an appropriate discipline and has had appropriate research or professional experience at postgraduate level which has resulted in published work, written reports or other appropriate evidence of accomplishment.

International Students

For international students whose first language is not English we normally look for proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.5 TOEFL 580 (233 [CBT]) or above at ordinary level.  For those not meeting our standard English language requirements, pre-masters courses are available, contact for more details.  

Periods of Study

The minimum time periods for study are as follows:

MPhil:                                  Full-time            12 months

                                            Part-time           24 months

PhD (via MPhil):                   Full-time            33 months

                                  Part-time            45 months

PhD (Direct):                        Full-time             24 months  

                                             Part-time            36 months                                      

Further Details

Click here to download the Postgraduate Application Form and the Guidance Notes for completing the Postgraduate Application Form.




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