The World of Work Programme


This section of the Law School website is dedicated to giving our students information on LJMU's World of Work Programme- an exciting new addition to what all our students can gain whilst studying at LJMU.

The programme is made up of three main elements:

Graduate Skills

Work Relatd Learning

World of Work Certification

These elemnts all work together to make you as employable and career focused as possible. Some elements are embedded into your course, other aren't.

This highly valuable programme can make you more skilled, more focused & more employable. So when you come to graduate, you have the best possible chances of getting that dream job. And given the following reasons, being highly employable come graduation is a must:

• Around 300,000 students graduate from UK universities every year - what will make you stand out?
• Only around 20,000 of these graduates gain jobs with the main graduate recruiters
• 1 in 3 graduates enter employment in non-graduate job roles
• A degree alone is not enough—over 60% of students gain a 2.1 or better
• Average applications per job have risen to 83 in 2011, from 69 in 2010, 49 in 2009 and 31 in 2008.

And after all, one of the main reasons why students go to university is to improve their job prospects.

The World of Work programme is here to help you do this. (In a recent CBI and NUS review, 79% of students said that the reason why they went to university was 'to improve my job prospects', 40% 'to develop/change my current job/career').

For more information on each of the three elements of the World of Work Programme see the menu to the right.


Page last modified 20 September 2012.

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