Why Study for a Criminal Justice degree?

 As the cost of a university education rises, so does the importance of choosing the right degree. As a rule of thumb, there are two vital factors when deciding which course you are going to study.

Firstly, you need to be reasonably sure that you are interested in the subject. To ensure that criminal justice is the right degree for you, make sure that you explore all the information available thoroughly, attend as many open and applicant days as possible and talk your decision through with both staff at the university and family or friends who know you personally. Your interest in the subject will be reflected in your marks so make sure you choose a degree that you are particularly interested in.

Secondly, choose a degree that is going to put you in an excellent position to gain employment or provide a gateway to further study – in other words, make sure that at the end of your degree, you are going to be suitably qualified for jobs that you think you would like to do. Here in the School of Law we believe that you have to develop your independent thinkingand theorising but that a practical understanding of the criminal justice system and its various agencies is vital.  Please see our Careers in Criminal Justice web page for further information.

All of our degree programmes offer a fushion of theoretical discussion and vocational orientated learning. This means that you should expand you knowledge and intellect during your studies but also become qualified for career within the criminal justice sphere.

A note worth making at this moment is that the School of Law also offers a Masters postgraduate degree in Criminal Justice. The School of Psychology also offer a number of postgraduate courses in a variety of subject areas. This allows those people keen on continuing their study at a higher academic level to do so at the same institution in which they have already studied, and to leave LJMU even more suitably qualified for their chosen profession.


Page last modified by Anthony Doherty on 16 November 2011.
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