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Welcome to Liverpool Business School

The Liverpool Business School (LBS) is a modern and student-centred business school with a track record of nearly 40 years of serving the regional business community. We provide a responsive business education that prepares graduates for business and management careers and business professions (accounting, marketing, public relations, human resource management, etc.) We are proud of our approach to providing business education, which emphasises practical knowledge and its application, delivered by supportive and approachable staff.

The School is also keen to serve the business needs of the North West of England through courses that include ones providing a focus on entrepreneurship and small business and the professional capabilities that a dynamic economy requires. The School is aware of its responsibilities not only to the business community but also to the people living in the North West. We emphasise the power of education and research, when it is concerned with practical application, to improve the employability of people entering private, public and voluntary sectors, to boost the productivity of work forces, and to generate innovation and growth.

Our priorities in the next five years are firmly focused on:

1. the employability of our graduates
2. the quality of student experience as measured by student satisfaction and degree results
3. our skills in designing and delivering courses for businesses and other organisations that are tailored to their needs
4. collaborating with other higher education institutions to increase access to our courses in the UK and elsewhere in the world
5. the usefulness of our research and consultancy
6. and the development through our courses of business managers who can operate effectively and confidently internationally as well as in the UK

Liverpool Business School is based in an exciting and creative city - a world famous city - with a future promise based on entrepreneurship and the creative and cultural industries. The School draws on the energy of this economy and contributes back to it.

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