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Art school staff take part in Liverpool Sleepout

Lee Browne and Sean Tolmie, from The Liverpool School of Art, recently took part in the Liverpool Sleepout. This was organised by The Whitechapel Centre to help raise much needed funds and make people aware of the issues faced by the homeless. It was the first time it had been organised in Liverpool and took place in the grounds of St Nicholas Church. The event involved participants wearing onesies and creating a shelter in which to spend the night. Sean Tolmie, Workshop Technician, was inspired by the shelter task to create the ship which was then sailed through the streets of Liverpool.

Speaking about the event, Lee said:

“I wanted to get involved with the event as soon as I heard about it. I’ve seen first-hand how someone can easily fall down a path leading to homelessness - it can affect anyone. As we made our way through Liverpool in the ship, people stopped to take photos and ask questions about what we were doing - it all helped to raise awareness of the charity. It was all good fun to start with, but then when we had to get into our shelters and try to sleep the evening became more serious. Some people had to leave when we started seeing rats and the cold wet ground is no substitute for a bed, but we were determined to see it through. In the morning I hadn’t really slept and felt dreadful with aches all over. We were glad to be able to go back home for a shower and a proper bed. It’s terrible to think that some people have to face this regularly and without The Whitechapel Centre the situation would be much worse for many people. They not only find accommodation for those in need, but also help to rehabilitate the homeless through education, training and enablement.”

So far Lee and Sean have raised £737 and are currently the 3rd highest fundraiser for the event. If you would like to donate you can do so by following this link:

For more information about the Whitechapel Centre please click here

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