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Title: Professor of International Art

Telephone: 0151 904 1150

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Liverpool School of Art and Design
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Professor J Chuhan contributes to teaching on the Fine Art and the History of Art programmes.

Exhibitions of paintings by J Chuhan have been staged internationally e.g. in Italy, Sweden, China, Singapore and in the UK e.g. at Tate Liverpool, Barbican, London. Her recent solo exhibitions include: Parampara Portraits tour including Watermans Arts Centre, London (2004-5); Journeys, Cartwright Hall, Bradford (2005); The Body Inside, New Hall, University of Cambridge (2007). In 2011 her work was shown in the Memories exhibition for the Asia Triennial Manchester. In 2013 J Chuhan : Recent Paintings solo exhibition was staged at Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool, accompanied by a catalogue with an Introduction by Matthew Clough, Director of the Victoria Gallery & Museum and essays by art historian Dr Rina Arya and Alnoor Mitha, Director of the Asia Triennial Manchester. Paintings by J Chuhan are in collections including: the Arts Council Collection; University of Liverpool Art Collection; Oldham Art Gallery; Leicestershire Schools Collection; Usher Gallery, Lincoln; Cartwright Hall, Bradford; Grosvenor Museum, Chester; Tameside Museums and Galleries.


Recent Projects by J Chuhan

J.Chuhan: Recent Paintings solo exhibition, Victoria Gallery and Museum, University of Liverpool,  Feb 2013 -  April 2013 

The J. Chuhan: Recent Paintings exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue published by the Victoria Gallery and Museum, with essays by art historian Dr Rina Arya and by Alnoor Mitha, Director of the Asia Triennial Manchester, and an Introduction by Matthew Clough, Director of the Victoria Gallery & Museum who wrote of Chuhan’s work as showing ‘‘an intense interest in the female and... an examination of origins and racial identity’’

In the paintings a sense of intimacy combines with a fascination for observation of the figure, often presented in isolation and privacy. Issues of gender are implicit in representations of the figure which offer a means of rethinking notions of the gaze, voyeurism and exhibitionism.  In recent paintings impasto paint has given way to fluid washes of colour and subtle layers in paintings which explore dualities concerning materiality and dissolution, strength and fragility, and the flux between shifting identities shaped by contemporary intercultural perspectives, including the work of European artists and contemporary South Asian artists. The images express notions of displacement and self-awareness, which reflect changing perceptions of the South Asian woman. The accompanying portrait paintings reflect the diverse ethnic strands which make up contemporary British society.

The exhibition received responses from a range of communities including academics, writers and artists in the UK and internationally, and was preceded by a critical text on Doublenegative comprising Chuhan being interviewed by Laura Robertson.

Tate Liverpool is 25, exhibition at Tate Liverpool, May 2013

J Chuhan was invited by Andrea Nixon, Executive Director and Francesco Manacorda, Artistic Director at Tate Liverpool, to contribute to an exhibition Tate Liverpool is 25 at Tate Liverpool. The exhibition celebrated Tate Liverpool’s exhibition highlights, achievement, programme and artistic relationships over 25 years and featured the contribution made by artists to their programme and reputation as a leading international venue. Chuhan was invited to contribute her work to the exhibition having shown work at Tate Liverpool in the New North exhibition in 1990. The exhibition formed a key part of the Albert Dock’s promotion of its regeneration since 1988, and a focus for the Liverpool On the Waterfront festival. The exhibition featured memorabilia from the gallery’s past to the present, with selected artists e.g. Yoko Ono, Anthony McCall and Edward Ruscha, who had previously shown at Tate contributing artwork for the show and Tate Archive. Chuhan produced a series of monoprints especially for this as well as contributing a recent sketchbook of drawings. Chuhan’s contribution to the exhibition highlighted her ongoing engagement as an artist to cultural developments locally and internationally, whilst the inclusion of her work in the Tate Archive collection represents a legacy of this engagement as well as documentation of the evolving changes in her art practice, with potential for use by future researchers and for inclusion in future exhibitions and publications.

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