Research at Liverpool School of Art and Design

Art and Design Research Group (ADRG)

Research in the school is managed under the Art and Design Research Group (ADRG).

Exhibition Research Centre

The Exhibition Research Centre (ERC)is the first academic centre devoted to the study of exhibitions. Its mission is to support reearch in this overlooked area of study by organising exhibitions, lectures and other public events.

Research Seminars

The ADRC hosts a regular series of research seminars centered around the work of our own researchers and reearch students, as wel as out invitied guest speakers.

Research Projects

Work by some of our colleagues

Art and Design is a leading research area within Liverpool John Moore’s University, and research exists at the forefront of staff and students’ creative practice.

Art and Design research has focused on contemporary issues and ideas in international art practice, curatorial practice and related histories and theories through exhibitions and publications, conferences, events and fellowships. Research is also emerging around Urbanism and collaboration with internationally-renowned researchers is a continuing theme identified in the work of several staff.

These significant developments have led to international partnerships, innovative creative practice and substantive historical and theoretical work which support a well-defined strategy for Art and Design research.

Page last modified 20 May 2013.

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