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Beg, steal & borrow


Beg, Borrow & Steal @ St. Luke’s Church, Liverpool.

The exhibition runs from 3rd – 11th April and is open daily from 12pm – 4pm.

The Private View, which is open to all, will be on Thursday 2nd April from 4pm – 7pm.

Beg, Borrow & Steal is a collection of LJMU students working together to engage within a non-conventional gallery space. Some of the work is made specifically for the show, others are works trying to adapt to the space. The exhibition is being held in the Bombed Out Church or St Luke’s just on the corner of Hardman Street and Bold Street in Liverpool. The church was bombed in the Second World War and is now just a shell - four walls with no roof. The building is open to the elements so the work that is being shown is either weatherproof or ready and willing to be damaged. The show has been curated by Lee Barstow, a second year fine art student who is interested in group projects and bringing people together who would not usually have the opportunities to show their work in public


Action Diana

On March 5th The Academy will officially open its new programme of experimental, developmental and critical shows, exhibitions and events.

Our first show, in collaboration with FACT, will be The Centre of Attentions ‘Action Diana’.

This will see members of the public being invited to act out the 1960s Oscar winning classic ‘Darling’, which originally stared Julie Christie, as an alternative, collaborative, public film experience. ‘Action Diana’ will be based at Liverpool John Moores University’s new Design Academy and, on Saturdays, will take place at Liverpool’s Internationally renowned FACT centre.

‘Action Diana’ will form part of FACT’sAbandon Normal Devices’ Festival which will launch in Liverpool in September 09.

Please visit our project pages, or click here, for more details.

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