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GMDSS Survey

Lairdside Maritime Centre is carrying out a GMDSS Survey to take part please click here or onto the link on the left hand menu bar and complete the questionnaire. 


New Course Dates

See Course Dates for new course dates for ECDIS, ISPS.


New Courses for 2010

Shipboard Safety Officer

Tanker Familiarisation & Tanker Safety

Enclosed Space Entry


What's New

In addition to the recent complete renewal of computers, upgrading of Kongsberg simulator and Kelvin Hughes ECDIS software and ordering Voith-Schneider type tug controls, Liverpool John Moores University's Lairdside Maritime Centre is completing a major upgrade of the ship simulator by installing a new visual projection system in the simulator's main bridge.  Twelve new Barco Sim4 DLP projectors are replacing 12 CRT projectors, also originally supplied by Barco.

The new projection system provides enhanced visual graphic detail and significantly brighter images in what is still the UK's only full mission ship bridge simulator with 360° visual scene, greatly improving what was already a very realistic training environment.  Phil Russ, the Director of Lairdside Maritime Centre, said "These upgrades have be initiated to capitalise on advances in technology since the simulator was first constructed in May 2000.  This will ensure that our clients continue to receive the highest quality service.  When the Voith-Schneider tug controls are fitted in July the Centre will also be able to provide both Voith-Schneider and azimuth thruster propulsion tug operation training.


Seminars / Exhibitions

Lairdside will be attending the following seminars / exhibitions :-

  • UKHMA, London, 3rd November 2010
  • Sea Work 2011, Southampton on 14th - 16th June 2011

We look forward to meeting our clients at each event.



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